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CD review MINDEAD "Controlling the tides"

Veröffentlicht am 17. März 2015 von Markus W. in Mindead, In Flames, Undertow, Death Metal, Thrash Metal, Nu Metal, CD Review, News

(7/10) If you're from Stuttgart and a football fan you're not surrounded by happiness these days. Being the last in the Bundesliga means more tears than party. But maybe some music from the capitol of Baden-Wuerttemberg can ease thee pain. Partly yes.

Mindead is a band coming from Stuttgart and they aren't new, even though you might not have heard about them. It was already in 2001 when frontman Timo Fielker and drummer Benjamin Hölle started the band. After having found some like-minded musicians the four-piece started to gain ground.

In 2008 they release their debut called "Abandon all hope" and with this album in the backhand they opened for band like Devildriver and Ektomorf. This describes also what kind of music the four guys from Swabia are playing. It's a mix of thrash, melodic death metal and some nu-metal elements. The whole dish is spiced up with a heavy groove that make your head bang.

The twelve songs on the new album "Controlling the tides" are OK; with one exception. Mindead decided to cover Nine Inch Nail's "Hurt". Hmmm. The original version of the Irish megasellers is already pretty good. But after Johnny Cash created this goosebump version of the tune that was such an emotional expression of his final journey I think that you can just loose by covering the track again. And so did Mindead. They did their best but that wasn't enough - based on the history of the classic.

But there are eleven other tracks that sometimes reflect the melodic death metal the Gothenburg style ("Controlling the tides", "Sleeping in carbonite"). I guess the guys have heard quite some In Flames recently. A tune that you should check out as well is "Unearthed" with its unconventual beginning. The spoken words part and the partly melodic vocals makes the track to one of the more interesting ones on the album. In the chorus I was reminded to Undertow. And this isn't a bad cross-reference.

To sum up: "Controlling the tides" is a well-crafted metal record that comes with a bunch of solid songs. The moments of surprise are limited but maybe those aren't needed. If you count the mentioned bands to your favorites you should risk a friendly ear to this album. 





  1. Orbital
  2. Controlling the tides
  3. Sentimental
  4. Sore
  5. Sleeping in carbonite
  6. The letting go
  7. Universal
  8. Unearthed
  9. Trains and losses
  10. Indifferent
  11. Standing in line
  12. Hurt


Label: Bleeding Nose Records

Genre: Melodic Death Metal

CD review MINDEAD "Controlling the tides"