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CD review MAJESTY "Generation steel"

Veröffentlicht am 13. März 2015 von Markus W. in Majesty, Manowar, Heavy Metal, Power Metal, News, CD Review

(7/10) Some bands proclame to be the masters of true metal by wearing leather loincloth. But by being possessed by their image they forget to make good metal music. Some others don't give that much focus on their image but play cool power metal that sounds authentic and true.

Majesty from Germany is one of those bands. The band releases in these days their new album "Generation steel". It is their seven longplayer, also considering the one under the banner of Metal Force.

The main man behind the band is singer and keyboarder Tarek Maghary. He is the constant factor behind Majesty and he has with Tristan Visser, Jan Raddatz and Robin Hadamovsky in the meantime also a line-up that is a bit more stable. Something what was needed after stormy times of changing band members.

The new album "Generation steel" has ten songs which are melodic power metal hymns without gimmicks. Crunchy guitars, heavy riffs, rocking guitar solos and melodic vocal lines provide you with 52 minutes of solid German power metal. There are the "ohohoh" sing-a-long parts that will work out in live shows very well and there the soulful moments like in "The last reward" - a song that will demand everything from your lighter.

Of course Majesty makes use from pathos and cliche. But it feels never overdone and the whole package feels authentic. 

Of course Majesty doesn't reinvent the wheel/metal. But what they are doing they are doing good.

"Generation steel" is an album that provides more oldschool pathetic metal, that is well crafted and makes fun to listen to. I like it.





  1. Hawks will fly
  2. Generation steel
  3. Cricle of rage
  4. Shout at the world
  5. Damnation hero
  6. Children of the dark
  7. The last reward
  8. Knights of the empire
  9. Rulers of the world
  10. War for metal


Label: Noiseart Records

Genre: Power Metal

CD review MAJESTY "Generation steel"