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CD review KATATONIA "Sanctitude"

Veröffentlicht am 27. März 2015 von Markus W. in Katatonia, Rock, Unplugged, Dark Metal, Prog Rock, News, CD Review, DVD review

(9/10) It was year ago when Swedish Katatonia played a few shows in Europe in an unplugged setup that was based on the "Dethroned & uncrowned" release from 2013. I had the chance to see the concert in the P60 in Amstelveen, Netherlands and I was impressed.

10 month later Katatonia releases a live recording from a show, captured on this tour. It was the gig in London's Union Chapel that will be released as a live CD/DVD/BluRay. By having a look on the location you can see already that the show wasn't only acoustic. The band has also chosen very special locations that provided the right ambient for those special concerts.

Since I only heard the album so far I can't refer to the concertfilm and the documentary called "Beyond the chapel", but already listening to the album clearly states the intense expression of the show.

Katatonia played in total 17 songs in an (half-) acoustic setup, taken from albums like "The great cold distance", "Dead end kings",... A look on the setlist also shows that the band performed some songs that they have never played live before. "Gone" for example and also "The one you are looking for is not here" are two fo those anthems; the last one also included a guest appearence of Silje Wergeland from The Gathering.

Talking about guest appearences - Katatonia had a few line-up changes upfront of the shows. Therefore the band has been quite nervious and Jonas Renske expressed this also a couple of times. But it has been those changes that allowed the band to invite The Pineapple Thief frontman Bruce Soord to join the tour. And this was a great add-on.

All in all I can highly recommend this atmospheric album Great musicians are performing excellent song, somewhere between rock and prog, in an unique environment. This album is the sonic version of some sunrays that break though the grey November sky. Enjoy it.





  1. In the white
  2. Ambitions
  3. Teargas
  4. Gone
  5. A darkness coming
  6. One year from now
  7. The racing heart
  8. Tonight's music
  9. Sleeper
  10. Undo you
  11. Lethean
  12. Day
  13. Idle blood
  14. Unfurl
  15. Omerta
  16. Evidence
  17. The one you are looking for is not here


Label: Kscope

Genre: Rock

CD review KATATONIA "Sanctitude"