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CD review HEIDEVOLK "Velua"

Veröffentlicht am 26. März 2015 von Markus W. in Heidevolk, Pagan Metal, Power Metal, Heavy Metal, CD Review, News

(7/10) Normally pagan metal isn't my favourite metal genre. The pathos and the myth isn't what really are thrilling to me. I always feel a bit like ‘Lord of the rings’ squeezed in denim and leather. Therefore I was sceptic when I received the new album Heidevolk. 

But I must say that the band from Arnhem, The Netherlands, surprised me. Their fifth full-length album is full of powerful metal. Yes, there are folk/pagan sequences but there are the more power metal-like moments as well. And those are the ones I really appreciate on “Velua”.

In addition the band from Gelderland kept the lyrics in Dutch which gives them a kind of uniqueness.

So, besides the pathos and image, what about the music? As said, I was happily surprised that Heidevolk uses more downtuned guitars than flutes and other medieval instruments. The sounds quite heavy and the crunchy riffs make the album to an interesting one. 

The pagan/folk influences are coming back in tunes like the title song and "Drankgelag". Those songs are well crafted but don't really give me the shiver. My preference goes more to tracks like the opener "Winter woede" are more strong metal anthems with even some growls included. That sounds actually pretty cool. And also the heavy "Herboren in vlammen" is a mighty beast that crawls out of your speakers. Another highlight is "In het diepst der nacht" which has a gloomy expression, a crunchy guitar sound and a good vocal line.

The sound of the album is powerful and has the right punch. 

So, all in all a positive surprise. "Velua" is an album that finds the right mix between pathos and metal which makes it also accessible for a bigger audience. 





  1. Winter woede
  2. Herboren in vlammen
  3. Urth
  4. De hallen van mijn vaderen
  5. De vervloekte jacht
  6. Het dwalende licht
  7. Drankgelag
  8. Velua
  9. Eet met de storm
  10. Richting de wievenbelter
  11. In het dieps der nacht
  12. Vinland


Label: Napalm Records

Genre: Pagan Metal

CD review HEIDEVOLK "Velua"