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CD review GLOOMBALL "The quiet monster"

Veröffentlicht am 21. März 2015 von Markus W. in Gloomball, Heavy Metal, Groove Metal, Modern Metal, Alternative Metal, CD Review, News

(8/10) "The distance" was the name of the debut of Gloomball from Germany. The second record is called "The quiet monster" and it's for sure not quiet.

Gloomball plays alternative metal with some modern metal riffs. All embedded in a good melody that makes the tunes catchy, but not chessy.

The opening duo, that follows the intro, is a great chosen entry to the world of Gloomball. Heavy riffs, screaming guitars and rock attitude show the energetic side of the five-piece. 

"The quiet monster" becomes more silent with "All beauty dies". Towards the end a slow riff takes over but the song stays in a moderate pace and spreads a melancholic atmosphere.

Listen to the first notes of "Sirens (Die alone)" might give you imrpession that also this track is a softer one. Wrong. The acoustic guitar morphs into a heavy riffing one and the number is one of the hardest songs on the album. It belongs to my top 3 on "The quiet monster". And I was reminded to Die Schweisser, at least in some parts. Good food for your CD player.

The best song in my opinion is "Sullen eyes". Again kept in mid pace the song is a real groove monster that is an open invitation for headbanging. In the chorus the melody breaks through by still having the riff as the foundation.

And in case you want to have a song with a hit approach you can listen to "(Don't surrender)" with the catchy melody. A composition that is approachable for a bigger audience.

What is also worth to be mentioned is the powerful sound of the album. The mix gives each instrument enough space while the entire longplayer got a dense expression.

The second strike of the band from Mannheim, Germany is a well done continuation of their journey that started a few years ago. I guess the fanbase will increase with "The quiet monster", Give it a try.





  1. The quiet monster
  2. Monster
  3. Straight to hell
  4. All beauty dies
  5. Towards the sun
  6. Sirens (Die alone)
  7. One more day
  8. Sullen eyes
  9. (Don't) Surrender
  10. Unbreakable
  11. Blood red world
  12. Blue is truning into gray


Label: Steamhammer / SPV

Genre: Alternative Metal

CD review GLOOMBALL "The quiet monster"