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CD review CANCER BATS "Searching for zero"

Veröffentlicht am 3. März 2015 von Markus W. in Cancer Bats, Punkrock, Punk, Hardcore, CD Review, News

(7/10) The Cancer Bats add a new album to their discography. "Searching for zero" is the name of the longplayer from the Ontario, Canada based band. It is the first studio record of the band since three years and it comes with ten new tracks plus a bonus song in the iTunes version.

Cancer Bats play hardcore influenced punkrock and metal that is heavy and quite angry. But it's also your aural coffein shot - a real enegrizer.

The new album has a song called "No more bull shit" - and this was according to singer Liam Cormier also the motto for this album. And after listening to the new tunes a few times I have to say that they achieved what they wanted.

Already the opener "Satellite" shoots you into another orbit. Drums and the typical "ohohoho" sing-a-long kicks off the song, before it turns into an angry punkrock song. The tunes finds the right mix between heavyness, melodic vocal lines and furious shouts.

With "Ture zero" the journey continues. The song stands out by a heavy metal riff that reminds in the beginning partly even to doom bands. "Arsenic in the year of the snake" is a typical hardcore/punk hybrid before it becomes again slow-mo with "Beelzebub". The song is build on a mean riff and is more very much metal. It's an appreciated break half way.

"Devil's blood" is obviously very aboiling since the track is very fast and almost the opposite of "Beelzebub".

Time for some more groove. "Cursed with a conscience" is a track with a strong bass line. The hypnotic ryhthm and the vocals show some parallels to Warrior Soul.

The by far fastest track in the album is "All hail". It's a less than two minutes noise orgy that leads to "Buds" - a song that shows some Southern influences. Pantera and Crowbar seem to belong to the faves of Cancer Bats. A cool track.

"Dusted" and "No more bull shit" finalize a cool longplayer that has many difference nuances - from punk rock to metal. Maybe it's a bit too much diversity, but "Searching for zero" sounds cool. Ontario rocks.





  1. Satellites
  2. True zero
  3. Arsenic in the year of the snake
  4. Beelzebub
  5. Devil's blood
  6. Cursed with a conscience
  7. All hail
  8. Buds
  9. Dusted
  10. No more bull shit
  11. Rust and bone (iTunes exculsice track)


Label: BMG Rights Management

Genre: Punk Rock

CD review CANCER BATS "Searching for zero"