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CD review WOLFPAKK "Rise of the animal"

Veröffentlicht am 5. März 2015 von Markus W. in Wolfpakk, Mad Max, Casanova, Crystal Ball, News, CD Review, Melodic Metal, Hardrock, Heavy Metal

(7/10) When I received the new album from Wolfpakk my first thought was: Have a got the new Eisbrecher album again? After a second glance I recognised that the cover is slightly different. Eventhough it is kept in white it is a polar wolf instead of a polar bear.

OK. So we have the new album from Wolfpakk. Maybe not everybody is familiar with the band. The main pillars behind the band are Mark Sweeney who you might now from Crystal Ball and Michael Voss, the mainman behind Mad Max and Casanova. Both together release their new album "Rise of the animal", which is number three in the history of the band.

This time the guys teamed-up again with a number of guests. Guys like Michael Kiske and Joe Lynn Turner supported with vocals, Bob Daisly added a few basslines and guys like Jeff Watson and John Norum added some guitar sounds. Those are just a few names from a lot more guests on the album.

The result of this cooperation is a tight melodic metal album that gives you a good time. Songs like the heavy pounding "Monkey on your back", the Scotish folk oriented "Highlands" with some bagpipe sounds and the marching "Somewhere beyond" are great pieces that merge metal and melody in an excellent way. But also the slower "Grizzly man" has its charm.

The third album from Wolfpakk is an well done, compact melodic metal album that rocks hard. And eventhough so many musicians have been involved it sound very tight and makes fun to listen to. A good third strike.





  1. Rider of the storm
  2. Sock it to me
  3. Monket on your back
  4. Highlands
  5. Black wolf
  6. Somewhere beyond
  7. Running out of time
  8. Grizzly man
  9. High roller
  10. Rise of the animal
  11. Universe


Label: AFM

Genre: Melodic Metal

CD review WOLFPAKK "Rise of the animal"