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(7/10) The man behind Wolfheart is Toumas Saukkonen. The multi-instrumental musician founded the band in 2013 and the debut was published in 2013. Saukkonen wrote and recorded the album on his own - self-released and self-financed. 

Two years later the dream became through for Saukkonen. The debut of Wolfheart got a worldwide release by Spinefarm. 

The music of Wolfheart is a mix of many different style with a focus on black metal. Spiced up by some death metal elements and doom parts the whole thing becomes very entertaining and diverting.

The start into the record is a silent one. Acostic guitars create a peaceful atmosphere that will be destroyed after a few seconds by a mighty riff. "The hunt" develops further into a moderate pace track with bombastic elements and deep vocals.

Another highlight on the album is the seven minutes long "Routa pt". Like with the opener it is a quiet beginning with violines before the guitar changes the level of heaviness. An hypnotic drum beat pushes the song on and on. "Routa pt" constantly jumps between the heavy eruptions and the melodic moments which makes the track to a diverting one.

Saukkonen uses this pattern more often and sometimes he adds also some folk elements to hismusic - like in "Chasm". 

The most brutal track on the album is "Ghost of Karelia" which is a mean and heavy black metal anthem. Heavy guitars, fast drums and growled vocals give the song its identity and makes it stand out from most of the other tracks on "Winterborn". It has a more straightforward harshness than some other tracks.

Again, in the beginning Wolfheart was more a project from Toumas Saukkonen only, but in the meantime the solo project grew into a full band. Since 2014 Lauri Silvonen (b), Joonas Kauppinen (d) and Mika Lammassaari (g) complete the line-up that works on Wolfheart's second album that is planned for 2015. Heart's still beating, stronger than ever.





  1. The hunt
  2. Strength and valour
  3. Routa pt
  4. Gale of winter
  5. Whiteout
  6. Ghost of Karelia
  7. I
  8. Chasm
  9. Breathe
  10. Isolation
  11. Into the wild


Label: Spinefarm Records

Genre: Black Metal


CD review WOLFHEART "Winterborn"
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