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CD review REVOLUTION SAINTS "Revolution Saints"

Veröffentlicht am 20. Februar 2015 von Markus W. in Revolution Saints, Hardrock, Melodic Metal, Classic Rock, Rock, CD Review, News

(7/10) It seems that Frontiers took up the cause of initiating projects/bands by combining an excellent singer with a great guitarist. Something that worked already very well with Sweet & Lynch finds now its continuation with Revolution Saints.

This time it is Doug Aldrich, known from Dio and Whitesnake, that teamed-up with Jack Blades from Night Ranger. Adding Deen Castronovo to the band the line-up is completed. Supported by guest musicians like Neal Schon, Arnel Pineda and Alessandre del Vecchio the band recorded twelve songs that all found their way on the debut.

The music of Revolution Saints is somewhere to place between AOR and melodic rock. Thinking about a hybrid out of Whitesnake, Night Ranger and Journey gives you a pretty good idea on what you can expect.

The melodies are in focus in each of the tracks. The guys have a great sense for big soundscapes that stick immediately in your mind.

The beginning is very rocking. "Back on my trail" comes with a dense sound and finds the right level between melodic and hard. What I'm surprised about are the lead vocals that are done by Deen Castronovo for quite some tracks on the album. This guy can really sing and not 'only' playing the drums.

It's only two songs with Jack Blades standing behind the mic. And there is the romantic "You're not alone" feat. Journey's Arnel Pineda. This number is a pure AOR song with a dominant keyboard base and a high level of catchiness.

Tunes that became a bit harder are e.g. "Locked out of paradise" and "Dream on". Esp. the last mentioned one is also belonging to the faster tracks on "Revolution Saints" and allows Aldrich to put his guitar sound a bit more into focus.

Talking about Aldrich, he plays excellent solos and leads on the album but I like it more when he get's the chance to play harder. AOR hasn't the heaviest guitar sound, of course, and that's also the case with "Revolution Saints". I more appreciated his heavy riffs when he played with Dio and Whitesnake.

All in all the debut of Revolution Saints became a good one. Great musicians are performing well composed AOR anthems that convince with big hooks. The only thing that I have to criticise is that there aren't many really surprising moments. The songs are a bit too much predictable after a while.

However, a well-crafted melodic rock disc for a car ride into the sunset.





  1. Back on my trail
  2. Turn back time
  3. You're not alone (feat. Arnel Pineda)
  4. Locked out of paradise
  5. Way to the sun (feat. Neal Schon)
  6. Dream on
  7. Don't walk away
  8. Here forever
  9. Strangers to this life
  10. Better world
  11. To mend a broken heart
  12. In the name of the father


Label: Frontiers Records

Genre: Heavy Rock

CD review REVOLUTION SAINTS "Revolution Saints"