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CD review CHÂLICE "Overyears sensation"

Veröffentlicht am 16. Februar 2015 von Markus W. in Chalice, Hardrock, Heavy Metal, Melodic Metal, Classic Rock, News, CD Review

(7/10) Chalice is one of those bands that are around since many years and celebrated certain successes without having the real breakthrough. They have been the support for bands like Deep Purple, Saga and Alice Cooper which gave them a lot of experience and drive. All this is a gain for the new album.

In the 20 years they are in business right now the band released six records and they have a new one published a couple of days ago. "Overyears sensation" is the newest kid in town and comes with 12 new songs.

Mainman Oli Scheer and his Hamburg-based gang vary their songs by merge hardrock and heavy metal with adding an essence of classic rock to it.

On the one hand there are some quite heavy guitar riffs like in the opener "You better get used to it" and in "Turn away", but there are also the melodic hardrock moments with tracks like "Shake the earth" that has a dominant organ sound. Jon Lord must have been an inspiration for this tune. 

The more silent moments on the longplayer are the romantic ballads "Last wish" and the powerful "All about your love" that bridges the silent moment with some full guitars.

A big strength of the album is also singer Gino Naschke who has a strong voice that goes together with Chalice's music very well. His range covers everything between high screams and dark vocals - all developed together with Henning Basse, which you know from bands like Metallium.

I'm not sure if Chalice will reach a bigger breakthrough with the new album "Overyears sensation", but they have a solid record in the starting block that should be checked out by all fans of melodic metal.





  1. You better get used to it
  2. Overyears sensation
  3. Rock'n'roll machine
  4. Chasing the wind
  5. Glorious again
  6. All about your love
  7. Turn away
  8. Shake the earth
  9. Sign of the times
  10. Taste it
  11. Don't tell me lies
  12. Last wish


Label: Keiler Records

Genre: Heavy Metal

CD review CHÂLICE "Overyears sensation"