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CD review BETONTOD "Traum von Freiheit"

Veröffentlicht am 25. Februar 2015 von Markus W. in Betontod, Rock, Punkrock, Alternative Rock

(8/10) Some of you might never heard about Betontod so far. Therefore a short introduction. 

The five-piece band from Rheinberg, Germany has punk rock background. They started in the 90's under the banner of Extrem and Sniffin Kills before they renamed the band and called them Betontod.

Betontod has many releases in their discography - a lot of them self-produced. The first success that was more than undergorund attention happened with the 2010 album "GlaubeLiebeHoffnung". From this moment on the band could gain more and more fans which led to a top 10 longplayer in 2012 called "Entschuldigung fuer nichts". 

In the meantime Betontod also played some of the bigger festivals like Summer Breeze and embarked on the Full-Metal Cruise.

Three years later, it is time for a new record of Betontod. It was interesting to see how the band could handle their success. Next to that "Traum von Freiheit" is the first record they are releasing via Sony Music. 

The new longplyer is partly a trip back to the roots, but the album shows also some more metal influences than I expected. It's an entertaining disc that provides a lot of power that Betontod transfers towards the listener. 

The start of the album is with "Traum von Freiheit" a typical punk rock one. The track is forceful and the rough vocals from 'Meister' fit very well. But Betontod shows also their softer side. "Fuer immer" is a relaxed song - ballad-like with a good melody and never getting too sweet. "Geschichte" comes with very relevant lyrics and "Ihr koennt mich" presents the metal side of Betontod. The track is based on a mighty riff that is more headbanging than pogo.

Betontod recorded songs that show a bigger diversity by still representing the band's trademarks. This stretch works very well and makes the album to a real energizer.

"Traum von Freiheit" is a cool punk rock album that should be checked by all fans of Die Toten Hosen and Donots. And if German isn't your mother-tongue; no worries. This album is just fun to listen to, regardless of lyrics and languages.





  1. Traum von Freiheit
  2. Mein letzter Tag
  3. Ich bereue nichts
  4. Fuer immer
  5. Fluegel aus Stahl
  6. Geschichte
  7. Nur fuer eine Nacht
  8. Ihr koennt mich
  9. Kaempferherz
  10. Alles was ich wollte
  11. Legion der Verdammten
  12. Nach all den Jahren


Label: Sony Music

Genre: Punkrock

CD review BETONTOD "Traum von Freiheit"