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CD review STEVE ROTHERY "The ghost of Pripyat"

Veröffentlicht am 28. Januar 2015 von Markus W. in Steve Rothery, Prog Rock, Rock, CD Review, News

(9/10) Marillion guitarist Steve Rothery has released a fantastic live album a few months ago, followed now by a new studio release from the six-stringer. Interesting fact is that the record was financed by a crowdfunding campaign and the needed 15,000 pound have been reached within a day. In the end the campaign brought about 60,000 pounds what allowed the musician to realise a great studio album.

"The ghost of Pripyat" is a 100% instrumental album that broach the issue of the Ukrainian city close to Tschernobyl that is a ghost town since 1986.

Seven very tasteful songs found a place on the tracklist - all of them pretty long. Each track is a soulful acoustic experience that is sometimes more relaxing like the Pink Floyd-like opener "Morpheus" with a gentle guitar sound. Also "Summer's end" belongs to those treats for your ears. Beautiful and well arranged music that is a pleasure to listen to. Rothery doesn't need vocals since he let his guitar sing.

Sometimes instrumental albums are quite interesting for musicians and maybe less for the 'normal' fans of rock music. Not in the case of Steve Rothery. Instead of putting the instruments and technical capabilities too much into focus, he puts the song itself into the spotlight. This opens up the longplayer for a lot of fans who 'just' wants to listen to excellent music. 

Rothery also got support on his studio album of some friends. Steve Hackett ("Morpheus") and Steven Wilson ("The old man of the sea") played together with the legendary musician which enriched the quality of the album even more.

The mentioned "The old man of the sea" is the real heart of the album. With a length of more than 11 minutes the songs stands out. It is a soulful tune that transports a lot of emotions and has an awesome melody line. And the longer the band plays the more rocking the track becomes. With it's big soundscapes and the well placed effects like the sound of waves on the beach the song is something special. 

By reading the tracklist some of you might think that you seen those names already earlier. Yes, true. Except the title track the tunes have been part of Rothery's live album "Live in Rome" which was released mid 2014. Great that the songs also made it, due to the crowdfunding activity, on a regular studio album.

"The ghost of Pripyat" is an excellent rock album with some prog influences. It's an album that I can recommend and that is the soundtrack for a Sunday afternoon.





  1. Morpheus
  2. Kendris
  3. The old man of the sea
  4. White pass
  5. Yesterday's end
  6. Summer's end
  7. The ghost of Pripyat


Label: InsideOut

Genre: Prog Rock

CD review STEVE ROTHERY "The ghost of Pripyat"