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CD review SIMEON SOUL CHARGER "A trick of light"

Veröffentlicht am 29. Januar 2015 von Markus W. in Simeon Soul Charger, Rock, Classic Rock, Prog Rock, CD Review, News

(7/10) Normally you have artists and bands moving to North America since they see better chances for their music and their career. But sometimes, actually very seldom, it happens that a band moves from the US to Europe. Simeon Soul Charger is one of those groups who did such a move. The prove that the exception confirms the rule.  Coming originally from Ohio, the band chnged their homebase to Bavaria in Germany.

This step was followed by two records of the band. Now, end of January, they have their new album ready to be released. "A trick of light" is the name of the disc that comes with ten new songs.

The music of Simeon Soul Charger is based on many influences. The incrediences for this rock menue are psychadelic, folk, blues, glam and also some stoner rock elements. The result sounds complex but still has a catchiness that openes the songs also for a bigger audience.

The six minutes long opener "The prince of wands" is quite relaxed tune. Starting with a sliding guitar the track stays in a moderate pace and offers great melodies.

Sometimes Simeon Soul Charger drifts a bit towards The Beatles, like in "Evening drag" and "Jane", sometimes they stay instrumental like in "Where do you hide" while "Workers hymn" is a rhythm based tune that sounds like a hard working machine. And "Heavy" shows the bluesy side of the band.

With "I put a spell on you" the band also covered a song from Screamin' Jay Hawkins. They created an interesting version of the classic and made a quite deperate version out of the original. Not too bad, eventough I must say that I have heard better ones (listen to the one from Annie Lennox a few month ago).

All in all an intersting record that will reveal many new details each time you listen to it. Fans of prog influence rock music can easily go for this album.





  1. The prince of wands
  2. Heavy
  3. Evening drag
  4. How do you peel
  5. Where do you hide
  6. Workers hymn
  7. The illusionist
  8. Jane
  9. I put a spell on you
  10. Floating castles


Label: Gentle Art Of Music

Genre: Rock

CD review SIMEON SOUL CHARGER "A trick of light"