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CD review HAYSEED DIXIE "Hair down to my grass"

Veröffentlicht am 1. Januar 2015 von Markus W. in Hayseed Dixie, Rock, Bluegrass, Country, News, CD Review, Motorhead, Def Leppard, Aerosmith, Scorpions

(*/10) When I heard the album for the first time I was reminded to what German band The Bosshoss did as well. Taking well known songs and arrange them in a total different way. While The Bosshoss, in their early days, took pop songs as well as "Jesus built my hotrod" from Ministry and added a country touch to it, Hayseed Dixie started with a cover album called "A Hillbilly tribute to AC/DC". That was in 2001 and in the meantime the band released a few more records - some of them being quite successful in the US.

As the title of the new album suggests Hayseed Dixie re-arranged the songs they cover in a bluegrass style. With "Hair down to my grass" the band remains true to their style and continue with the bluegrass/rock mix.

Hayseed Dixie is also known for creating 'stories' around their albums. The first one was that they found out "that the "Lost Highway" of Hank Williams and the "Highway To Hell" of AC/DC were the same damned road". This was the inspiration for their debut. Now it was that, on a car ride from Dortmund to Frankfurt, they heard "Eye of the tiger" six times in the radio; each of those in a arranged differently. OK, there is a lot of creativity in creating those stories, but how about the music.

The band took some classics of rock like "Eye of the tiger from Survivor", Europe's "The final countdown" (doesn't work that well) and Motoerhead's "We are the road crew" (actually pretty cool) which they put into a bluegrass dress. Surprisingly also Pink Floyds "Comfortably numb" sounds quite good. Seems that you can't kill a great song.

The most funny part on the album is the German version of "Wind of change". It's called "Wind der Veraenderung" and it's hilarious.

This album has a huge comedy factor but also some songs on album got an interesting new interpretation. No rocket science, but fun and entertainment - that's "Hair down to my grass". Give it try.





  1. Don't stop believing (Journey)
  2. Eye of the tiger (Survivor)
  3. The final countdown (Europe)
  4. We're not gonna take it (Twisted Sisters)
  5. Summer of 69 (Bryan Adams)
  6. Pour some sugar on me (Def Leppard)
  7. Dude looks like a lady (Aerosmith)
  8. Living on a prayer (Bon Jovi)
  9. Wind der Beraenderung (Wind of change) (Scorpions)
  10. We are the road crew (Motoerhead)
  11. Comfortably numb (Pink Floyd)
  12. Don't fear the reaper (Blue Oyster Cult)


Label: Hayseed Dixie Records

Genre: Rock / Dixie

CD review HAYSEED DIXIE "Hair down to my grass"