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CD review HATE "Crusade: Zero"

Veröffentlicht am 26. Januar 2015 von Markus W. in Hate, Behemoth, Dark Metal, Death Metal, Black Metal, Heavy Metal, CD Review, News

(7/10) Hate feels always a bit like the little brother of Behemoth. This has to do with the music and the image of both bands as well as with the having Poland as their homeland. But it wouldn't be totally fair towards Hate to only reduce them to this comparison since both bands started around the same time - in the beginning of the 90's. However, Hate never reached the same status and recognition.

Hate has in the meantime nine full-length records in their discography. The latest one is "Crusade: Zero" which comes via Napalm Records. The constant factor throughout all those years is singer and guitarist Adam 'The First Sinner' Buszko. For the rest the line-up was quite 'flexible' with many changes. The most negative moment was when the bands bassplayer Slawomir Kusterka died in 2013 while the band has been on tour. A sad moment.

But the band, and esp. Adam Buszko, decided that this will not be the end of the Hate. They wrote new songs, they went into the studio and they release the new album with 8 death metal tracks plus four intros/intermezzi. Interersting that it's the two short intros that mark the beginning of the record; the first one more melancholic, the second one more aggressive.

With "Death liberator" the first real song hits your ears. It's a midtempo track with the deep growls from Buszko that gives you the feeling of facing a bulldozer that you can't escape from. Next to this energetic opener the range of songs goes from blasting tracks like "Hate is the law" to slower tunes like "Valley of darkness" with an almost classic metal solo.

Dramatic elements like "The omnipresence" and "Black aura debris" are also part of the album and I'm not sure if those are really needed. Having those elements once or twice is OK. But here I have the feeling that those are breaking the flow. Probabaly a conscious decison, but not really what I prefer.

Next to that "Crusade: Zero" is still an album that is worth to check. And it's also a clear sign that you can stand up even stronger after some strokes of fate.





  1. Vox dei (A call from beyond)
  2. Lord, make me an instrument of thy wrath!
  3. Death liberator
  4. Leviathan
  5. Doomsday celebrities
  6. Hate is the law
  7. Valley of darkness
  8. Crusade Zero
  9. The omnipresence
  10. Rise omega the consequence!
  11. Dawn of war
  12. Black aura debris


Label: Napalm Records

Genre: Black Metal

CD review HATE "Crusade: Zero"