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(8/10) That Switzerland stands for more than mountains, cheese and watches is a well known fact. The small country has also a quite vital music scene, esp. when we talk about rock and metal.

In these days it’s more the hardrock bands like Gotthard and others that stand in the spotlight. But there has been and still is the darker side of metal represented in Switzerland too. Hellhammer and their successor Celtic Frost have been the spearhead of dark thrash metal from the country in the alpes.  A few more bands jumped on this band wagon. One of them has been Poltergeist. After the band disbanded mid of the 90’s it was six-stringer VO Pulver who initiated a new band. That was Gurd. As the rumor says ‘Gurd’ stands for nothing less than ‘drug’; just turned upside down.

During the years Gurd went through a lot of ups and downs incl. several line-up changed. But the band released on regular base new records and none of the releases was a real downer.

2015 marks a special year for the band since Gurd celebrates their 20st anniversary. And what’s better than doing this with a new album. No sooner said than done. Here it is. “Fake” is available in the record stores and the music on the longplayer is everything, but not fake. It’s pure metal as we know it from the band.

The trademark of Gurd is to combine the brutal metal riffs with a lot of groove. They did this in the past very well and also the new album is built on those trademarks.

“Fake” sounds very fresh and the songs are real headbangers. The base is thrash metal, but I also have the feeling that the band integrated more hardcore elements to their sound.

The mighty title track functions as the opener and couldn't have been chosen better. A pissed-off attitude meets a murderous groove. An opener that can't be chosen much better. The next tune "Hagridden" is a bit slower and starts with a cool bassline. Here are some hardcore element build in that makes the song quite melodic by still keeping the aggression. The ultrafast "White death" rounds of a triple that shows you all you can get from Gurd - and this is a lot. With those songs Gurd doesn't play all the trumps in the beginning. The other ten songs can keep this high level. Regardless if you're listening to the fast tracks like "Neglected" ( a definite highlight on the album) or the groovers like "Liquid vision" and "Last hooray" with the dominat bass, all those tracks might lead to severe neck problems due to headbanging.

“Fake” is an excellent album that presents all the strengths of the Swiss bands. They spread an enormous amount of energy and groove like hell. It’s an album for all those who enjoy groove metal and haven’t been too happy with the latest Soulfly album.





  1. Fake
  2. Hagridden
  3. White death
  4. Wiped from the earth
  5. Go for it
  6. Last hooray
  7. Hunter of dreams
  8. Near miss
  9. Bong, bong
  10. Neglected
  11. Liquid vision
  12. Strike ‘em down
  13. Hateful


Label:  Czar Of Crickets

Genre: Thrash Metal

CD review GURD "Fake"
Tag(s) : #Gurd, #Poltergeist, #Heavy Metal, #Thrash Metal, #Modern Metal, #Alternative Metal, #CD Review, #News

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