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CD review BONZ "Broken silence"

Veröffentlicht am 15. Februar 2015 von Markus W. in Bonz, Crossover, Rap Metal, Nu Metal, CD Review, News, Stuck Mojo, Downset, Rage Against The Machine, Faith No More

(7/10) If you count the soundtrack of the "Judgement night" movie to your favorites than you should listen to Bonz. And if you started to think now about in which context you have heard the name Bonz already earlier, I can help you. Bonz is the original frontman of Stuck Mojo - the crossover band from Atlanta, US.

Therefore it's not a big surprise that Bonz has a similar approach when it comes to music. Bonz teamed-up with guitarist Curt Taylot from Primer 55 to form the band and the result is a very interesting one that has a few more nuance than Stuck Mojo. 

There are the brutal crossover tracks with mighty guitars like in "Godshine", there are the moments when I was reminded to the early Downset ("30 seconds to SWAT"), there are the more RATM influenced sounds ("Sour diesel") and "Comes over me" has a few Faith No More moments when they did the earlier mentioned "Judgement night" soundtrack.

After reading this you might have the impression that Bonz is copying those bands which I can clearly say no to. The guys take those influences and make those their own. This leads to 40 minutes of highly entertaining crossover music that will be a treat for fans from the above mentioned bands. I like what I heard and you should give it a try. This album will make you jump.





  1. Sinsiter grin
  2. Comes over me
  3. Godshine
  4. Broken silence
  5. 30 seconds to SWAT
  6. Take it personal
  7. Sour diesel
  8. Bad news
  9. Bad love
  10. Take it personal (Live)


Label: Eternal Sound

Genre: Crossover

CD review BONZ "Broken silence"