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CD review BITCH QUEENS "Kill your friends"

Veröffentlicht am 29. Januar 2015 von Markus W. in Bitch Queens, Punk, Punkrock, Rock, CD Review, News

(6/10) The kajal make-up on the cover isn't a conisident. And that the band members make use of it isn't something that just happened either. The band from Basel, Switzerland shows quite some parallels with Turbonegro when it comes to music but also when it comes to the outftit.

The music of Bitch Queens can be described as pure punk rock. That is based on band like The Stooges, but also the Backyards Babies and the Hardcore Superstars are coming up to surface here and there.

In general there is nothing wrong with the album. Especially the start of "Kill your friends" sounds fresh and spreads a cool vibe. The title track is a straight forward rocker with a pumping bassline and a crashy guitar. With "Gimme a kiss" the album has a real highlight too. Rock'n'roll and the wildness of punk can't be combined much better. This track just kicks ass. "Again, again and again" adds a bit of Social Distortion to the guitar sound of Bitch Queens before "Who are you" and "That girl" throw the pepperoni on the punk rock pizza.

"Waste me" marks a break on the album. The song with the sleazy elements doesn't really work very well and is the beginning of some numbers that give you the feeling of repetition. The second half of the album isn't bad either, but I got the idea that the band is repeating too often the same pattern. What was a fireworks in the beginning seems to miss the spark towards the end. Plus, that songs like "Joan is a creep" and "Lick it", with the Ramones-like beginning, can't live up to the quality of the first songs.

"Kill your friends" has some really cool songs and it shows some potential too. An EP with the first five tracks would have been a real burner, but the entire album is dragging on towards the end. 





  1. Kill your friends
  2. Gimme a kiss
  3. Again, again and again
  4. Who are you
  5. That girl
  6. Waste me
  7. Get out of my way
  8. Take out the trash
  9. Lick it (like you like it)
  10. Joan is a creep
  11. Bullseye baby
  12. Tick, tick, tick


Label: Lux Noise

Genre: Punk Rock

CD review BITCH QUEENS "Kill your friends"