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CD review AMMUNITION "Shanghaied"

Veröffentlicht am 20. Januar 2015 von Markus W. in Ammunition, WigWam, Hardrock, Heavy Metal, Rock, News, CD Review, W.E.T., Eclipse, Nordic Beast

(8/10) This album is a real surprise. Never heard about the band before and happy that this changed; those have been my thoughts after the first round in the player. That the band's name isn't that very well known is no surprise. The are fairy new.

But the musicians are known much better. Ammunition is Age Sten Nilsen which you might know from WigWam. Next to the singer we have Hal Patino (King Diamond / Pretty Maids / Nordic Beast) on bass, Eric Mårtensson from W.E.T / Eclipse plays, together with Jon Pettersen, the six-string, Robban Bäck sits behind the drumkit and the keyboards are handled by Lasse Finsbråthen.

Based on such a bunch of experienced musicians it's not a big surprise that we talk about a really exciting album. Ammunition plays melodic hardrock - and the 'rock' is here really in focus.

The opener "Silverback" is already a hardrock firework. It's a tune with a great melody but also an excellent guitar riff - and the chorus is just the cherry in the cake.

"Give me a sign" doesn't stand back behind the opener. It's great to hear how Bon Jovi could sound when they still would rock. The title track is the next station on this hardrock journey. The foundation is a solid bassline and a punch that shakes you up.

I could continue like this. Regardless if it's the smooth grooving "Tie me down", the semi-acoustic "Road to Babylon" or the energetic "Strung out", each of those tracks shows high quality rock with hard guitar riffs.

Only "Wild card" sounds too trivial and a bit cheesy. "Heart's not in it" can't keep the high standard of the other numbers either and has also a bit too much of Aerosmith.

But this can be handled since the album has twelve songs."Shanghaied" is one of the best melodic hardrock albums in the last years and each hardrock fan should have heard it.

Great musicians, great songs, great production - and authentic.





  1. Silverback
  2. Give me a sign
  3. Shanghaied
  4. Tie me down
  5. Road to Babylon
  6. Take out the enemies
  7. Hit me (with your bombs)
  8. Do you like it
  9. Wild crad
  10. Another piece of me
  11. Heart's not in it
  12. Strung out


Label: AOR HEaven

Genre: Melodic Hardrock

CD review AMMUNITION "Shanghaied"