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CD WITHERSCAPE "The new tomorrow" EP

Veröffentlicht am 24. Dezember 2014 von Markus W. in Witherscape, Dan Swanö, Death Metal, Prog Rock, Rock, Classic Rock, CD Review, News

(9/10) Dan Swanö is a busy guy right now. The debut of Witherscape (OK, that was in 2013), the new album with Nightingale and a few productions are the result of some hard working month. And now, last but not least, a new EP with Witherscape.

The fascinating thing with Swanö is his musical creativity. It's exciting to see how many different styles he makes his own. Witherscape is the more prog- classic- death- outlet that has some things in common with Swedish Opeth. Especially the debut served the same target group.

The EP contains  7 songs - five of them are new ones. It starts with "The new tomorrow" which is the title track. I was surprised about the song since it starts like a track from the Trans Siberian Orchestra. Seems to fit perfectly into the Christmas period. This changes after a while and I would like to descibe the song as a mix of Blind Guardian, Opeth and Savatage. The vocals are, as known from the debut, very diverse and cover everything from growls to very melodic clean vocallines. An excellent track with a complex tonality.

The second own song song is "Dead for another day". It is an extention of "Dead for a day" from the debut and is mainly acoustic with clean vocals. The tune contains no growls and shows the soulful side of Witherscape.

"Defenders of creation", a Warrior cover version, has been re-arranged. It has a Blind Guardian-like beginning before the rough vocals pull the track into another heavy dimension. Cool stuff.

"The new tomorrow" comes with more cover versions. The next one is the melancholic "A world without heroes" from Kiss that is interpreted very well too. It got a Foreigner touch. Intersting is the fact that the Judas Priest cover is done for "Out in the cold" from the controversial discussed "Turbo" album. I honestly liked the song already in the Priest version, but the new arrangement from Witherscape isn't bad either. It's not too far away from the original but has still an own characteristic. "Last rose of summer" is the second Judas Priest cover - but from a different phase of the band. The song is from "Sin after sin" and Witherscape sticks very much to the original. It's a very intense listening experience.

With "A cry for everyone" we even go further back in time. The song is from the 70's art rock / prog rock band Gentle Giant that rounds off an interesting EP.

"The new tomorrow" is a perfect EP to bridge the time till the new album will be ready - hopefully in 2015. Enjoy listening.





  1. The new tomorrow
  2. Defenders of creation
  3. A world without heroes
  4. Out in the cold
  5. Dead for another day
  6. A cry for everyone
  7. Last rose of summer


Label: Century Media

Genre: Prog Metal

CD WITHERSCAPE "The new tomorrow" EP