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CD review ZERO DOWN "No limit to the evil"

Veröffentlicht am 18. Dezember 2014 von Markus W. in Zero Down, Heavy Metal, Classic Rock, NWoBHM, CD Review, News

(7/10) At least for me a cover done by Ed Repka means thrash metal. The artist from New York has done great covers for bands like Evil Dead, Toxik and the mighty Death. So in one or another way Repka gave thrash metal albums a kind of visual expression.

Than I got the other day the latest release from Zero Down. The album is called "No limit to the evil", comes with a Repka cover and I immediately have expected a thrash metal album - rough and oldschool. So far so good.

Since I haven't heard about Zero Down before I was looking forward to what I will hear. I pressed the 'Play' button, 'Return of the Godz" started and it was not thrash metal. OK, maybe just one song. But no; the title track is no thrash either. So I had to adjust my expectations.

All this doesn't mean that the album is not good. Zero Down just play different music than what I expected. The 2002 founded band is into classic heavy metal with a big NWoBHM approach, mixed with some Motorhead.

The already mentioned opener is a cool metal track that shows that Zero Down are familiar with Judas Priest. The tune sounds like a rough version of an early Priest song and is done very well. Actually a quite cool oldschool start into the album. The title track "No limit to the evil" is build on a dominant bass line and has a certain punky expression. "Leche di tigre" is another song that is worth to mention. Zero Down takes the foot from the pedal. The song is a slow and pounding metal anthem that is kept simple and straight-forward. Some leads could have been a bit better, but however. "Phantom host" is the right track to follow this slower one. It is the fastest tune on the album and has a Motorhead reference in some parts.

Unfortunately not all the songs can keep the good level of the opening package. "Devils thron" is one of them. It sounds uninspired and is lacking cohesivness between the different elements. Also "Two ton hammer" is not more than that. While Machine Head had raised the "Ten ton hammer" storm, Zero Down is more coming with a "Two ton hammer" breeze.

So there are there are the ups and downs with this album. In general it is a good basic metal record with an undergound expression.


PS: And while I was listening to the album I was constantly thinking about to whom I reminded to by the crucified guy on the cover. And when the last note was played I knew it - do you still know the 80's series "Mattlock"?





  1. Return of the Godz
  2. No limit to the evil
  3. Devils thron
  4. Cold winter night
  5. Lerche di tigre
  6. Phantom host
  7. Suicide girl
  8. Steve McQueen
  9. Two ton hammer
  10. Black rhino


Label: Minotauro Records

Genre: Heavy Metal

CD review ZERO DOWN "No limit to the evil"