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CD review THOMAS GILES "Modern noise"

Veröffentlicht am 13. Dezember 2014 von Markus W. in Thomas Giles, Between The Buried And Me, Prog Rock, Rock, CD Review, News

(8/10) "Modern noise" is an album that isn't that usual for Metal Blade. Thomas Giles, also known as being the singer and keyboard from Between The Buried And Me, is also releasing solo material since 2004. Also on his solo journey Giles is into progressive rock music. The main difference is that he is playing much more relaxed prog rock. While Between The Buried And Me combines metalcore and a massive prog compontent to something special, Giles solo focusses more on post-rock with a progressive approach.

Compared to the last album, where the talented musicans basically recorded everything himself, he recorded "Modern noise" together with some other mates. 

The music of Giles contains sphereful sound collages that remind party to Pink Floyd, like e.g. "The devil net". It is a very silent song that builds on keyboard sounds and samples that create an exciting soundscape. The title track, which is the closer, is another quite tune that has a huge chill factor. It sounds almost like lounge music.

For the ones of you that start the get nervous by reading this I also can assure you that there are the harder tracks too. An example is hypnotic "Mulitlated world". This is real prog rock, eventhough it never touches 'metal'. One of the heaviest songs on "Modern noise" is "Siphon of bad blood". The verse is pretty releaxed the verse but also reflects the heavy side of Giles in the chorus. In general I have to say that if you're looking for real hard stuff you should stick the main band of the singer. 

And Giles has the song with the most unusual title - "lkcvjvhljbvj≥˜∆˚nnnjmkjijm". No idea what it means, but the track itself is another highlight on the album. In case someone knows what it means, feel free to put it in the comments box.

"Modern noise" became an excellent album which I really like. And I also think that it was wise that Giles doesn't try to push this part of his musical creativity into Between The Buried And Me, but release it under his own name. If you're looking for a well done modern post-rock album, than you found it here and now.





  1. Wise and silent
  2. Multilated world
  3. Siphon the bad blood
  4. I appear disappear
  5. Blueberry queen
  6. We wander lonely
  7. M3
  8. lkcvjvhljbvj≥˜∆˚nnnjmkjijm
  9. Noise upon
  10. Wander drug
  11. The devil net
  12. Modern noise


Label: Metal Blade

Genre: Prog Rock

CD review THOMAS GILES "Modern noise"
Photo: Brandon Gable

Photo: Brandon Gable