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CD review THANATOS "Global purification"

Veröffentlicht am 9. Dezember 2014 von Markus W. in Thanatos, Death Metal, Thrash Metal, Heavy Metal, CD Review, News

(8/10)  "Global purification" is already album number six from Thanatos. The band from Rotterdam, Holland started in 1984 and released a few records. In 1992 the band disbanded for various reasons. But in 1999 Thanatos prepared their comeback. Founding member Stephan Gebedi teamed up with Paul Baayens (g), Marco de Bruin (b) and Yuri Rinkel (d). That was the kick-start for Thanantos to release their next longplayer "Angelic encounters".

As said, "Global purification" is now their sixth album and it's a really good one too. What I like with Thanatos is their mix of thrash and death. The opener and title track is as swift as an arrow, followed by "The murder of innocence" - another highspeed track. With track number three the pattern changes. The song is much slower than the opening double package. The music turns almost towards bands like Obituary. "Infestation of the soul" is a slow and mean death-based song with an immense riff. For me one of the best songs on the labum and heavy as hell.

Another uncompromissing tune is "World jihad". Driven by a merciless drumbeat the songs develops to a real headbanger. "Nothing left" is a remarkable song too, since it is quite brutal, but has also a very melodic guitar solo towards the end.

"Global purification" spreads an enormous amount of energy and sounds very fresh too. There is a lot of variation in the songs with pace changes, grooving parts and infernal speed elements.

The lyrics on the album are focusing on the things that go totally wrong on this planet right now. The downfall of our world by wars, abuse, violence,... is the red thread throughout the entire album. It is a pretty gloomy picture drawn by Thanatos. And their music is the perfect soundtrack for this picture.

The mix was done by Dan Swanö as well as the mastering. The result is a brutal thrash metal sound that enriches the high quality songs.

"Global purification" is an energetic and aggressive thrash/death record that is exciting from beginning till end. Thumbs up.





  1. Global purification
  2. The murder of innocence
  3. Infestation of the soul
  4. Queen of gore
  5. Nothing left
  6. World jihad
  7. The demonized minority
  8. Feeding the war machine
  9. Blood will be spilled
  10. Bastion of blasphemy


Label: Century Media

Genre: Thrash Metal

CD review THANATOS "Global purification"