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CD review STARSET "Transmission"

Veröffentlicht am 20. Dezember 2014 von Markus W. in Starset, Rock, CD Review, News, Linkin Park, 30 Seconds To Mars

(7/10) Columbus, Ohio is the homebase of Starset. The band is fairly new and "Transmissions" is the debut of Dustin Bates and his band mates. Starset plays modern rock that is walking on the thin line between mainstream and rougher alternative rock. The focus though goes on the first mentioned one and the band itself talks about cineastic rock. That hits the nail on the head.

Next to the music it is the theme of science fiction, outer space and science that builds the base for Starset. The band is supposed to forward the message from the Starset Society that they had received from outer space. True, not very innovative. However it gives the band and their music a certain identity.

The songs itself are good. I haven't had the feeling of a real 'wow effect', but the songs also aren't annoying either. Starset positions themselves somewhere between Linkin Park when it comes the the harder parts and 30 Seconds To Mars when it comes to the more electronic sections. The mix is done very well and the tracks have their fascinating elements. The result are very dense soundscapes with good melodies.

Songs that give you a good overview of the album is the rocking "Carnivore", the modern "Antigravity", the more silent "Dark on me" and the soulful "Telescope".

I couldn't find really negative things since as soon as I thought that it becomes to catchy a 'crunchy' guitar joined in as well as it never got too heavy for the mainstream. But maybe it is the flipside of all this that might be a bit of a downer. Things sound almost too perfect and too much planned. "Transmission" gives the idea of being 'dressed for success'. But since it provides entertaining 60 minutes I don't mind.

"Transmission" became an interesting debut album from a band that has quite some potentials. The remaining question is, if they will make use of it and work further on their musical identity, by not building too much on their science-fiction image.





  1. First light
  2. Down with the fallen
  3. Halo
  4. Carnivore
  5. Telescope
  6. It has begun
  7. My demons
  8. Antigravity
  9. Dark on me
  10. Let it die
  11. The future is now
  12. Point of no return
  13. Rise and fall


Label: Razor & Tie

Genre: Rock

CD review STARSET "Transmission"