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CD review LYNCH MOB "Sun red sun"

Veröffentlicht am 23. Dezember 2014 von Markus W. in Lynch Mob, George Lynch, KXM, Hardrock, Rock, Blues, CD Review, News

(8/10) I can remember the moment when I heard the first album from Lynch Mob. George Lynch was well known from his time with Dokken. After the split I was more than curious about his solo release. And "Wicked sensation" became a good album, eventhough it sounded different than Dokken.

However, that was 24 years ago and in the meantime a lot of things happened. Next to his involvement in KXM and Sweet & Lynch the guitarist found also some time to work on a new Lynch Mob record. The vocals are done again by Oni Logan and the line-up stayed the same as it was during the "Sound mountain sessions" EP.

The album comes with 11 songs. There is an instrumental song on the album called "Black waters" where Lynch shows all his musical creativity on guitar. Another special track is the acoustic ballad "Sun red sun" - a tribute to Badlands singer Ray Gillen, who died in December 1993. It is a very emotional song the catches you immediately.

Some might have thought it already by having a look on the tracklist. "Burnin' waters" is a cover from Bad Company which puts the blues into the forefront.

But there are also more new songs on "Sun red sun". The opener "Believers of the day" is an excellent rocker and is one of the best songs I've heard from the six-stringer for quite some years. With "Erotika" Lynch brings back the blues in his sound. It is a rhythm-based song where Oni Logan does a really great job too. Sometimes he sounds like the younger David Coverdale. 

"Slow drag", "World of chance", City of freedom" and "Sucka" are from the earlier mentioned EP and fit very well into the context of this album.

To sum up: "Sun red sun" is a cool hardrock album that comes with great songs, a screaming guitar and an excellent groove. I like it.





  1. Believers of the day
  2. Erotika
  3. Burnin' sky
  4. Black waters
  5. Play the game
  6. Subliminal dream
  7. Sun red sun
  8. Slow drag
  9. World of change
  10. City of freedom
  11. Sucka


Label: RatPak Records

Genre: Hardrock

CD review LYNCH MOB "Sun red sun"