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CD review IN THIS MOMENT "Black widow"

Veröffentlicht am 1. Dezember 2014 von Markus W. in In This Moment, Modern Metal, Alternative Metal, Alternative Rock, Industrial, Nu Metal, CD Review, News

(6/10) The black widow is a spider that is quite special. The female eats the male after the sexual act. But "Black widow" is also the name of the new album from the California-based In This Moment. Looking on the cover of the fifth longplayer you have the feeling that singer Maria Brink is the black widow, that wants to put a spell on the listener and catch them in the musical web of the band.

It's not exactly like that since Brink describes the concept behind the name of the record more as a trip between good and bad or light and darkness.

When it comes to the sound of the band the new longplayer is another step away from the metalcore background of the early days. "Black widow" goes more towards Modern Metal / Nu Metal. It might not describe the music exactly, since there are elements from the mentioned genres in there, but I could hear also cross-references to bands like Downset ("Big bad wolf") in their earlier days. Anyhow, the whole album is melting pot of all different kind of sounds and samples. Hiphop elements belong to the music as well industrial influences. 

Sometimes this works very well like in the title song or the more silent "The fighter" (the second half of the album is in total less wild than the beginning). Also "Bones" is a booking on the 'credit'-side. But there are also tracks like "Dirty pretty" and "Sick like me" which are just not my kind of music.

This melange is produced by Kevin Churko who gave "Black Widow" a powerful sound. Well done and exactly what the music needs.

"Black widow" demands respect since the band tries out different things and develops. They don't stand still. But for me there is too much in this album that I can't really add to my favorites. I guess, that the album will be a commercially successful one and maybe you should check it out and create your own opinion.





  1. The infection
  2. Sex metal Barbie
  3. Big bad wolf
  4. Dirty pretty
  5. Black widow
  6. Sexual hallucination (feat. Brent Smith)
  7. Sick like me
  8. Bloody creature poster girl
  9. The fighter
  10. Bones
  11. Natural born sinner
  12. Into the darkness
  13. Out of hell


Label: Warner Music

Genre: Modern Metal

CD review IN THIS MOMENT "Black widow"