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CD review FINAL FAITH "Chaos infected"

Veröffentlicht am 22. Dezember 2014 von Markus W. in Final Faith, Undertow, CD Review, News, Thrash Metal, Death Metal, Black Metal

(7/10) Final Faith started in 2005 as a punk influenced hardcore band in Heidenheim, Germany. Over time the five-piece developed towards a death metal band that also shows partly some black metal influences. 

Their second album is released since a few weeks and is titled "Chaos injected". It follows the 2011 debut of the band. 

The new record comes with nine - actually eight songs and an intro. After the "First injection" the album starts with "Dissecting the sun". And the bands went at it full tilt. Build on a powerful riff the opener makes clear that the next 45 minutes are demanding. It is a fast death metal track that includes some symphonic samples tgiving the tune a bit of a Dimmu Borgir touch. "Ocean of dreams" instead has some thrash influences, esp. in the beginning while most brutal song is called "Out of fire we arise". It's a four minutes killer that shows that Final Faith is inspired by Arch Enemy. There are classic guitars combined with the angry vocals of Robert Knolmar. Taking about the vocals I have to say that those are quite good; but they could offer some more nuances which would make the songs more exciting. Final Faith also got support from Joschie Baschin from Undertow on a song called "Chains". This is a welcome twist on the album and adds with the polyphonic chorus something to the album. The same goes for the quiet acoustic section halfway.

A highlight on the album is for sure the bouncer "The nihilst". Starting with just an acoustic guitar and some ravens screaming, the eight minutes long track builds up via slow riffs into a fast and raging tune. The desperate vocals in the middle section sound like lost souls moaning before the furious riffs take over again. Even some chellos have been used to emphasis the vibe of this song. Final Faith tried really everything to make this track interesting and they succeeded. 

"Chaos infected" is a good album that also got a powerful production. With a bit more focus on the vocals Final Faith could even achieve more in the future.





  1. First injection
  2. Dissecting the sun
  3. Oceans & dreams
  4. The hermits invocation
  5. Chains (feat. Joschie Baschin)
  6. Combine extremes
  7. Out of fire we arise
  8. Beyond the veil
  9. The nihilist


Label: Own production

Genre: Death Metal



CD review FINAL FAITH "Chaos infected"