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CD review PRIMORDIAL "When great men have fallen"

Veröffentlicht am 27. November 2014 von Markus W. in Primordial, Heavy Metal, Doom Metal, Black Metal, CD Review, News, Dark Metal

(8/10) The eighth album from Primordial is an intensive piece of music. I’m saying this because the album demands time and effort to grow. Maybe it’s not the first round that convinces everybody, but this will come.

Primordial perfectionised with “Where greater men have fallen” their mix of traditional heavy metal, doom metal and some folk elements. The result are eight emotional and partly melancholic tracks which gets their final expression by the pathetic voice of singer Alan Averill.

Primordial wrote songs from epical length. They are all between six and eight minutes long and give you an hour of intense metal music. The gerenal atmosphere of the album is in deep minor.

The slow but heavy opener "The alchemist" is a brilliant example for this. Those six minutes create a real feeling of discomfort. The more silent parts goes hand in hand with desperate aural eruptions that put a spell on you.

"Babel's tower" continues with a doom riff and a melody line that made me think of Candlemass. For me one of the strongest tracks on the album. The following "Born to night" starts a bit different. It is an acoustic intro that has a certain psychedelic touch. The mighty riff brings you than back to reality. The thunder and rain samples in the tune are well placed and emphasis the expression of the song even more.

"Come the flood" is an heavy and epical song with a certain melancholy - mainly expressed by the vocal lines of Alan Averill.

With "The seed of tyrants" the album has also a very fast track. It's a merciless drum beat that pushes the song from beginning to end. The track is definitely different than the rest but still fits into the context. This is raw power.

The title track "Where great men have fallen" is another killer on the album. The heavy riff and the enormous punch of this songs combined with some folk elements characterize this metal anthem. For me one of the best songs Primordial released so far since it has this atmosphere that combines sadness, desperation and anger to something special.

"Where great men have fallen" became an excellent heavy metal album. Also metal guys that have missed the band so far or didn't found them interesting should give it a try. It's cool stuff.





  1. The alchemists head
  2. Babel's tower
  3. Born to night
  4. Come the flood
  5. Ghosts of the charnel house
  6. The seed of tyrants
  7. Where great men have fallen
  8. Wield the lightning to split


Label: Metal Blade

Genre: Heavy Metal


CD review PRIMORDIAL "When great men have fallen"