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CD review NIGHTINGALE "Retribution"

Veröffentlicht am 5. November 2014 von Markus W. in Nightingale, Hardrock, Heavy Metal, CD Review, News, Rock, Prog Rock

(8/10) There is no Yin without a Yang. This goes also for Dan Swano too. The musician from Finspang, Sweden lives out both parts in his music. If the Yin is the death metal he played/produced with bands like Bloodbath and Edge Of Sanity, it is the Yang that he goes for with Nightingale.

What started as a side project of Swano next to Edge Of Sanity became a more serious band during time that released so far six records and one 'Best of...' album. The last one came out in 2007 and it took till 2014 to release a new album.

Now it's time for "Retribution" - the name of the newest release. The album contains ten great songs which reflect the hardrock/prog side of Swano very good.  When I listen to the first triple ("On stolen wings", "Lucifer's lament" and "Chasing the storm away") I felt reminded to bands like Ten and Magnum. It is melodic hardrock that has an essence of prog rock flavoured with some classic rock elements. The songs are on a high level and it's always the . This makes actually the entire album to a great experience - even for non-musicians.

After this very light beginning of the album "Warriors of the dawn" is a song where the prog parts are a bit more represented in the song structure. In addition the tune has a gloomy vibe that makes it different too. The highlight is the chorus in this song. Superb.

"Forevermore" is a good hardrock song with a bit of Magnum in it. Not bad, but the acoustic "Divided I fall" is a much better track again. It is a very emotional tune with piano, acoustic guitars and a great vocal line.

"The voyage of endurance" is a pushing rocker that combines catchiness and complexity before Nightingale has another highlight on the tracklist. "27 (Curse or coinsidence)" has an acoustic verse, similar to "Divided I fall" and gets more powerful in the chorus. The sense of Swano when it comes to great arcs of melodies is amazing. And everything sounds so light and easy going - as it would have been easiest thing on earth to write those brilliant hardrock songs.

With "The maze" Nightingale enter again the more dark side of life. The tune is a bit slower compard to the others and it has a riff that gives you some goose bumps. With "Echoes of a dream" the album also got a bouncer that easily keeps the level of the nine earlier heard songs. Anchored in classic rock the silent, almost 6 minutes long anthem, is a treat for your ears.

"Retribution" is a great album from Nightingale. It shows very much that we have missed the band for the last seven years and it is great to have them back. Hopefully it will not take another seven years for the next record.





  1. On stolen wings
  2. Lucifer's lament
  3. Chasing the strom away
  4. Warriors of the dawn
  5. Forevermore
  6. Divided I fall
  7. The voyage of endurance
  8. 27 (Curse or conincidence?)
  9. The maze
  10. Echoes of a dream


Label: InsideOut

Genre: Classic Rock


CD review NIGHTINGALE "Retribution"