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CD review NE OBLIVISCARIS "Citadel"

Veröffentlicht am 1. November 2014 von Markus W. in Ne Obliviscaris, Prog Rock, Prog Metal, Death Metal, Black Metal, Heavy Metal, CD Review, News

(8/10) This is an amazing and thrilling album. "Citadel" from NE Obliviscaris, which means "Forget not", is an lognplayer that streches the limits. The music of the band is based on so many influences so that the result is an outstanding record which is quite unique.

It covers multilayered sound structures that merges classic influences with jazz, metal and progressive elements into an exciting sound experience. 

"Citadel" is based on two core parts. The first one is "Painters of tempest" which is splitted into three subchapter and the second main element of the album is called "Devour me, Colossum".  

"Wyrmholes" is the first part of the trilogy and is a classic sound collage which is a kind of prelude to what comes next. The masterpiece is the 16 minutes long "Triptych lux"; a combination of infernal death metal and fragile sounds. This goes e.g. for the vocals. There are the deep death metal screams/growls and clean vocals next to each other in an unexpected harmony. There are raging guitar solos followed by soulful string sections - and all in one song. "Reveries from the stained glass womb" rounds of this trilogy. It's a three minutes long acoustic track with guitars and violines, played by Tim Charles. 

"Devour me, Colossus" is following the same principle, of course. Awesome.

Inbetween those two masterpieces there is the angry death-/black metal anthem "Pyrrhic". It's a blazing fast song and who ever thought that high speed metal and violines doesn't go together should listen to this track. It proves you wrong. This song is structured musical chaos giving the word 'progression' a wider meaning.

Maybe the album isn't for each and every moment. You need time for "Citadel", but it's worth to invest in this record. 





  • Painters of the tempest (Part 1): Wyrmholes
  • Painters of the tempest (Part 2): Triptych Lux

      Movement I: Creator

      Movement II: Cynsure

      Movement III: Curator

  • Painters of the tempest (Part 3): Reveries from the stained glass womb
  • Pyrrhic
  • Devour me, Colossus (Part 1): Blackholes
  • Devour me, Colossus (Part 2): Contortions


Label: Season Of Mist

Genre: Avangarde Death Metal

CD review NE OBLIVISCARIS "Citadel"