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CD review MONSTER MAGNET "Milking the stars: a re-imagination of Last Patrol"

Veröffentlicht am 19. November 2014 von Markus W. in Monster Magnet, Heavy Metal, Stoner Rock, Fuzz, Rock, Alternative Rock, CD Review, News

(9/10) Monster Magnet released with "Milking the stars: a re-imagining of Last Patrol" a new album, which isn't  totally new. As the title already says, it is based on the last studio record "Lost patrol". But not purely since there are also three new songs on the longplayer.
For Dave Wyndorf it wasn't enough to give the songs just a new mix. He gave the songs from "Lost patrol" a really new expression. Of course keeping the vibe of the original the re-arranged versions increase the intensity of each of the tracks. It is amazing to hear, what Wyndorf and his band mates get out of the original tunes.
"No paradise for me", that is based on "Paradise", got a real 60's vibe and bands like The Doors get in your mind while listening to the track. This is such a cool rocker that can take endless loops on your CD player. As already in the original version "I live behind the clouds" is a highlight also in the new version. It's kept much more spacy which fits very well. "Hallelujah" turned into "Hellelujah" and grooves even more than on "Lost patrol".
The new songs are the two instrumental tracks "Let the circus burn" and "Goliath return". Both very cool tracks which spead a sphereful vibe. This goes especially for the opener with its seven minutes. Starting very slow the tune develops to a classic rock track where the mellontron plays an important role. Sounds great and the seven minutes are flying.
And there is with "Milking the stars" a new track with vocals on the album too. It's a typical Monster Magnet song with vintage soundscapes and a some well placed samples. Psychodelic rock can't be better than this.
I'm not a fan of remixed albums since it feels like someone wants to earn more money. But in this case the album makes a lot of sense to me - esp. due to the fact that the songs are re-arranged. Cool stuff and thanks to Monster Magnet for the great sound experience.



  1. Let the circus burn
  2. Mindless ones '68
  3. No paradise for me
  4. End of time (B-3)
  5. Milking the stars
  6. Hellelujah (Fuzz and swamp)
  7. I live behind the clouds (Rough up and slightly spaced
  8. Goliath returns
  9. Stay tuned (Even sadder)
  10. The duke (Full on drums 'n wah)

Label: Napalm Records
Genre: Stoner Rock

CD review MONSTER MAGNET "Milking the stars: a re-imagination of Last Patrol"