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CD review HEART "Heart & friend: Home for the holidays"

Veröffentlicht am 20. November 2014 von Markus W. in Heart, Rock, CD Review, News, Sammy Hagar

(8/10) The Wilson sisters, better known under the header Heart, have played a show on December 12th 2013 in the Benaroya Symphony Hall in their hometown Seattle.
It was a remarkable moment since it was the only show like this. Ann and Nancy Wilson decided to play some holiday/Christmas classics, some of their own hits and personal favorites of the band. The result was a very special show, since the two ladies also invited some friends. Richard Marx, Shawn Colin, Sammy Hagar and Pat Monaham (Train) have joined and performed some songs together with Heart.
What happened on this magic night can be watched on DVD and listened to on CD. Frontiers Records released this show, which was a good decision.
Since I only have the CD I can't say anything about the visual impression. So let's focus on the music.
The setlist covered many different songs. There are typical holiday/Christmas tunes on the album. Most of them are more silent ones as you might also expect. However "Love come down on Christmas" and "Please come home for Christmas" are great songs. The more rocking Christmas was also part of the show. "Santa's going South" is such an example where also rock voice Sammy Hagar contibutes. I pretty cool version.
Next to those seasonal highlights the live Album also contains THE Heart hit "Barracuda" and the Led Zeppelin cover "Stairways to heaven".
The production of the album is great which means that from a sound perspective everything has been done right. It's a pleasure to listen to it.
"Home for the holidays" is a great soundtrack for Christmas time. Everybody who is fed up with the traditional versions of Christmas songs and also Wham's "Last Christmas" should go for this album.



  1. The river
  2. Seasons
  3. Rocking (feat. Shawn Colvin)
  4. Love come down at Christmas
  5. Poem
  6. All through the night (feat. Richard Marx)
  7. All we need is an island (feat. Sammy Hagar)
  8. Santa's going South (feat. Sammy Hagar)
  9. Please come home for Christmas (feat. Pat Monaham)
  10. Remember Christmas
  11. Barracuda
  12. Even it up
  13. Stairway to heaven
  14. Ring them bells

Label: Frontiers Records
Genre: Rock


CD review HEART "Heart & friend: Home for the holidays"