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CD review CRIPPER "Hyena"

Veröffentlicht am 27. November 2014 von Markus W. in Cripper, Thra, Heavy Metal, Death Metal, CD Review, News

(7/10) Cripper means female fronted thrash metal from Germany. The five-piece from Hannover has released already 3 full-length records and has spend some time in the studio during the last months. The result is a new album; full of thrash metal anthems.

The new longplayer is called "Hyena" comes with eleven tracks. The benefit with the songs on "Hyena" is the unbounded power that is based on mighty riffs. Combined with the deep thrash vocals from Britta Goertz the music of Cripper sounds quite strong.

It's the title track that slowly introduces you into this record. After a kind of intro part the track develops into a powerful thrasher. "Tourniquet" takes over and speed increases. Short and to the point the song doesn't take any prisoners. "Bloodshot monkey eye" is than almost the opposite. Speed is replaced by a mighty groove and for me it is one if the best songs on the longplayer. What a headbanging riff!

"7"" is another cool track in which Goertz shouts out the vocals as if there would be no tomorrow. The spoken word samples fit also perfectly into the song structure and are the cherry on the cake. Time for some faster music again. No problem. "Patronized" is such track. Starting and ending with high pace the tune has a tempo change in the middle, that opens up the track.

The only thing that is a bit a point of critic is that the tension is a bit lost after a while. Still, the riffing is great but the songs could show a bit more diversity. Cripper repeats their success pattern maybe a bit too often and one or two more unexpected moments/songs would have been nice. However, the quality of the songs compensate for this little deficit.

"Hyena" is a good thrash metal album and real headbanger stuff. 





  1. Hyena
  2. Tourniquet
  3. Bloodshot monkey eye
  4. A dime for the establishment
  5. 7"
  6. Animated flesh
  7. The origin
  8. Patterns in the shy
  9. The jackhammer
  10. Patronized
  11. Pure


Label: Metal Blades

Genre: Thrash Metal

CD review CRIPPER "Hyena"