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CD review BATTLEAXE "Power from the universe"

Veröffentlicht am 28. November 2014 von Markus W. in Battleaxe, Heavy Metal, Classic Rock, CD Review, News, Hardrock

(7/10) Battleaxe are into real and unmasked heavy metal. Their music is inspired by bands from the NWoBHM on the one hand and also AC/DC ("Metal rock" and "Shout it out") had an impact on Battleaxe's music. The 'new' album is the re-release of their second record "Power of the universe" that is now published as an 30th anniversary edition. For some of you who might have missed the original album here some reflections on the songs.

The opener "Chopper attack", starting with some helicopter samples, develops slowly into a Priest inspired metal track - based on a cool riff. "Metal rock" is not only a track. It could stand actually as a synonym for the whole album.

A song that stands out a bit is "Fortune lady". It is a slower tune with a dominant bassline that gives the song a pretty good groove. Based on the way how the song is build I was actually reminded to the legendary Dio when I heard it for the first time. The bridge and the chorus are quite melodic which gives the "Fortune lady" a classic metal und expression. And the furious finish is a well done twist too. For menthe highlight on "Power from the universe".

The title trach instead shows the total opposite. Fast and straight fowards the Battleaxe hammers rhis tune into your head. This song is pure heavy metal without any decoration. Same pattern, different song - "Killer woman". A track with an enormous headbanging potential. And a track that is a bonus song on this edition. It's one out of four songs (the other ones are "Radio thnunder", "My love's on fire" and "Love sick man") that have been recorded at Neat Studios in the mid eighties and foiund their way of this special re-release.

This album is 'oldschool' in the best sense of the word. Check it out,





  1. Chopper attack
  2. Metal rock
  3. License to rock
  4. Fortune lady
  5. Shout it out
  6. Over the top
  7. Power from the universe
  8. Make it in America
  9. Killer woman
  10. Radio thunder
  11. My love's on fire
  12. Love sick man


Label: SPV

Genre: Heavy Metal

CD review BATTLEAXE "Power from the universe"