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DVD review ALICE COOPER "Raise the dead - Live from Wacken"

Veröffentlicht am 25. Oktober 2014 von Markus W. in Alice Cooper, Hardrock, Rock, Wacken, DVD review, News

(8/10) I will not go too deep into the music and the setlist, since I talked about this already in the CD review from a few days ago.

The DVD though contains the same songs as the CD. This means that you get the full package with this release. The show was recorded at the mighty Wacken festival 2013 and it was split into three parts.

The first part covered the more glam tracks from Alice Cooper like "House of fire" and "Billion dollar babies". The second section of the gig was the more dark side of Alice Cooper. "Go to hell", "I love the dead" and "Feed my Frankenstein" are supported by all kind of gimmicks and typical Alice Cooper show elements incl. the obligatory guillotine.

The last third of the songs is a combination of covers and tunes from Cooper's old heroes. It is The Who ("My generation"), The Beatles ("Revolution") and Jimi Hendrix ("Foxy lady") that influenced the singer in his early days and he pays tribute to those rock dinosaurs.

The end of the show is for THE hits of the band. "I'm eighteen", "Poison" and "School's out" finish a great show. Cool that it was put on DVD so that even a bigger audience can enjoy the concert.

The sound is excellent and the three guitar players are pushing a lot. 

As an add-on the DVD contains a 16 minutes long interview in which Alice Cooper talks about the background of the show and gives insights into his musical life. A nice thing, but the core is of course the show itself.

Good stuff which is worth to go for.





  1. Hello hooray
  2. House of fire
  3. No more Mr. Nice Guy
  4. Under the wheels
  5. I'll bit your face off
  6. Billion dollars babies
  7. Caffeine
  8. Department of youth
  9. Hej stoopid
  10. Dirty diamonds
  11. Welcome to my nightmare
  12. Go to hell
  13. He's back (the man behind the mask)
  14. Feed my Frankenstein
  15. Ballad of Dwight Fry
  16. Killer
  17. I love the dead
  18. Break on though
  19. Revolution
  20. Foxy lady
  21. My generation
  22. I'm eighteen
  23. Poison
  24. School's out / Another brick in the wall

​Label: UDR

Genre: hardrock

DVD review ALICE COOPER "Raise the dead - Live from Wacken"