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CD review WHILE HEAVEN WEPT "Suspended at Aphelion"

Veröffentlicht am 26. Oktober 2014 von Markus W. in While Heaven Wept, Prog Rock, Prog Metal, Heavy Metal, Doom Metal, CD Review, News

(9/10) Tom Phillips, the only founding member of the band that is still active, and his band mates went into the studio and worked on a new album. The masterpiece of epic metal has now seen the light of day and it lives up to all expectations. What a great piece of music. 

What I like with the music of the band is the wide epic metal they play that is based on many different influences. There are the prog elements from bands like Fates Waring on the one hand. Than there are the doomy and intense riffs inspired by bands like Black Sabbath. And this merged with even some classic elements. This combination makes While Heaven Wept very unique and their music sticks out from the majority of bands.

While Heaven Wept had quite some releases before a bigger audience noticed the band from Virginia, USA. It was in 2009 when Cruz Del Sur Music signed the band and published their album "Vast oceans lachrymose". This was the break-throught and the next disc "Fear of infinty" emphasised While Heavens Wept's staus in the epic metal scene.

Also their new album is a pleasure to listen to. It is actually a 40 minutes long track that is divided into 11 subchapters.

The music of While Heaven Wept changed a bit over time. The new album shows more prog element than e.g. "Vast oceans lachrymose". This doesn't matter at all, since it shows a development of the band, that still includes all their trademarks in each track.

The start is very relaxed. "Introspectus" is a solemn instrumental that introduces you into the story. It shows some classical element and feels like a prelude to what comes next. And the next anthem is the masterpiece of the album. The 15 minutes long "Icarus and I / Ardor" shows the whole width of While Heaven Wept's music. The songs starts heavy before a beautiful vocalline join. The track has some rough vocal sections that suits very well and added female background vocals are the cherry on the cake. The tune is an epical anthem with a wide-ranging sound. I also have to say that the way how the song is build creates excitement throughout the whole 15 minutes. To have the capability to write this kind of tunes is a gift.

"Heartburst" follows. It's a silent track with great melodies that carries a lot of emotions - as actually the entire album does too. With "Indifference turned paralysis" the rocking side shows up again. It's a faster metal track that is actually an instrumental with some added choir parts. Cool stuff.

"The memory of bleeding / Souls in permafrost / Search the stars" is the most progressive metal track on the album. It reminds me a bit to Dream Theater in the early days combined with some Fates Warning. Talking about Fates Warning - it is Victor Arduini that also supported the band as well as drummer Mark Zonder.

Via the more melancholic "Reminiscene of starngers / Lifelines lost" the listener comes towards the end of the album. As in the beginning it is an instrumental, called "Retrospectus", that closes this chapter of While Heaven Wept's musical journey.

I like the new album. It is a masterpiece of epic metal. A band found their own style which is not to compare with anything else. Already this is something remarkable in these days. And if this own identity sounds that awesome than it's even more exciting. Go for it. This music is real.





  1. Introspectus
  2. Icarus and I / Ador
  3. Heartburst
  4. Indifference turned paralysis
  5. The memory of bleeding / Souls in permafrost / Search the stars
  6. Reminiscence of strangers / Lifelines lost
  7. Retrospectus


Label: Nuclear Blast

Genre: Epic Metal


CD review WHILE HEAVEN WEPT "Suspended at Aphelion"