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CD review SICK OF IT ALL "Last act of defiance"

Veröffentlicht am 2. Oktober 2014 von Markus W. in Sick Of It All, Hardcore, Punk, Punkrock, CD Review, News, Wisdom In Chains

(8/10) Talking about Sick Of It All means having it over 28 years of hardcore on a very high level. Already this fact is very remarkabale. It becomes even more outstanding while thinking about the fact that the band from New York never had a real dip. 

The hardcore quartet kept the enegry level over all those years and still spreads this rebellious spirit that makes them so authentic. 

"Last act of defiance" shows again, that the band didn't get tired. They burned 14 new tracks on the album and non of them is a weak one. All of them are standing strong as a rock. And all of them have an irresistable groove that just forces you to move. You can stand still while listening to their music. A good example herefore is "Get Bronx" with the mosh elements.

The album has also the more punky momnets like the fast "Outgunner" and "Beltway getaway" - both anthems that can lead to great moments for the coming live shows. "DNC" is another song in this category. Melody, riff and vocallines just blows you off your feet.

Another hardcore anthem that is worth to be mentioned is "2061" with an pounding bassline and hammering drums. Sick Of It All got also support from a guest on one of the tracks. It is Mad Joe Black from Wisdom In Chain that is joining in on "Facing the abyss"

On top of all that the album got an excellent production. Tue Madsen did a very good job and gave the hardcore legend a tight and electrifying sound that just fits.

Sick Of It All proves again that hardcore can be very diversified without denying the roots. An album that shows a very experienced band that kept the spirit of their youth and combined it with mature dedication. Thumbs up.





  1. Sound the alarm
  2. 2061
  3. Road less traveled
  4. Get Bronx
  5. Part of history
  6. Losing war
  7. Never back down
  8. Facing the abyss
  9. Actyour rage
  10. Disconnect your flesh
  11. Beltway getaway
  12. Sidelined
  13. Outgunned
  14. DNC
  15. Stand down
  16. With all disrespect


Label: Century Media

Genre: Hardcore



CD review SICK OF IT ALL "Last act of defiance"