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CD review NICKE BORG HOMELAND "Ruins of a riot"

Veröffentlicht am 1. Oktober 2014 von Markus W. in Nicke Borg, Nicke Borg Homeland, Backyard Babies, Rock, Hardrock, CD Review, News, Dregen

(6/10) This album is different from what I expected. If I look on the heritage of the Backyard Babies I have to think about dirty rock'n'roll with a certain unconventional punk attitude. This spirit was also continued on Dregen's solo album and I have expected something similar when it comes to Nicke Borg. Esp. since the first solo-releases from Borg have shown some good results.

But sometimes things are different than what you think. Nicke Borg Homeland's "Ruins of a riot", the fourth album under this header, is going much more into a mainstream direction than what I have expected.

Already the opener "This war" states it very clearly; the melodies are in focus. The tune still rocks, but it also has a sweet taste - partly a bitter-sweet taste. It's more a catchy party tune than the soundtrack for an evening with a beer in a bar.

The next two songs confirm the first impression. Both tracks sound like a rock version of Roxette songs. It's a quality statement when it comes to the hook, but different from what I expect.

Than it gets with "End of the rainbow" acoustic. The tune is a soulful one and I ask myself why I have to think about Poison.

Even the "Heartless hooligan" comes very harmonically. The title and the sound don’t really feel together.

However, if you expect a rock'n'roll party from this album you should forget it. In case you are looking for melodic rock music you should 'risk an ear' and listen to the ten songs. I’m more belonging to the first group.





  1. This war
  2. Makin out with chaos
  3. Midsummer mad
  4. End of the rainbow
  5. Borrowed feathers
  6. Out of line
  7. Revolution
  8. Heartless hooligan
  9. Ruins of a riot
  10. Devil angel mother


Label: Gain

Gerne: Melodic Hardrock


CD review NICKE BORG HOMELAND "Ruins of a riot"