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CD review KHAOS "Risen"

Veröffentlicht am 31. Oktober 2014 von Markus W. in Khaos, Hardrock, Alternative Metal, Alternative Rock, Alter Bridge, Heavy Metal, CD Review, News

(7/10) Khaos is a Swiss/American cooperation with the drivers Chandler Mogel and Mark Rossi. They have founded the Khaos in 2012 and have released with "Risen" a new longplayer. The band, actually it's a project, plays alternative rock/metal and the name should represent their aim of ultimate creativity without being steered by external influences. Probabaly this ambition was a very high one since there are bands like e.g. Alter Bridge which I think had an impact on the music of Khaos. But I also think that the guys did what they wanted to do. The album and the music sound honest and real.

The album has really great moments. There in total twelve of those. Well crafted tracks that really rock. I mentioned Alter Bridge already. The first two songs show what I meant with this comparison.

But it's not only pure alternative metal. The music from Khaos has also the more hardrock oriented songs. "Loaded question", a riff based melodic rocker, is one of those. Eventhough we can't talk about real innovation here the tune rocks very well and convinces already during round one on the turntable. "Static window" is another tune that fits into this category.

"Ride the chain" is probably the hardest tune on the album. It starts with a dark and crunchy riff before the melodies come a bit more into focus. Also here some Tremonti parallels are obvious, but the vocal line reminded me in the verse also to Saigon Kick. Talking about the vocals - the chorus contains some wild screams in the background. I guess a nice gimmick.

The softest tune on the album is the obligatory ballad. Khaos gave it the title "Exalted" - a song that is OK, but didn't lead to the big 'wow-effect'.

Khaos will not win a price for being one of the most innovative bands. But their music still makes fun to listen to since the songs find the right mix between heaviness, catchiness and rock. A solid album. Not more, but definitaly also not less.





  1. After the silence
  2. Crisis factor
  3. Exalted
  4. Loaded question
  5. End of daze
  6. Merchants of Khaos
  7. Ride the chain
  8. Hung the moon
  9. Imagined danger
  10. Static windows
  11. As far as we go
  12. The breathing room


Label: MRR Records

Genre: Alternative Rock

CD review KHAOS "Risen"