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CD/DVD review DENNIS DEYOUNG "..and the music of STYX in Los Angeles"

Veröffentlicht am 18. Oktober 2014 von Markus W. in Dennis DeYoung, Styx, Rock, Hardrock, CD Review, News, DVD review

(8/10) Dennis DeYoung is the voice of Styx. And for the younger ones of you Styx is the legendary rock band from Chicago which has been very famous especially in the 70's and the 80's. 

After DeYoung left Styx he focussed on his solo career. But "...and the music of Styx live in Los Angeles" brought the singer back to Los Angeles for a concert. And he went back in time and performed many highlights of Styx. The show was sold out and the result can be appreciated by everyone. There is the live CD that I'm talking about in this review, but there will be also a DVD/BluRay.

The show covers all the important milestones of the legendary band from Chicago. It is a great compilation that includes earlier hits like "Lady" from "Styx II' as well as "Come sail away" from "The grand illusion". Of course DeYoung also performed Styx's mega hit "Mr. Roboto". Actually this was the tune that 'opened' Styx for me. The nice thing with the release is a combination of great songs and a modern production. This let the tracks shine even more.

The setlist of the concert was completed by solo material from the extraordinary singer and keyboarder. "Desert moon" for example is from his first solo release and fits perfect into the framework of the show. 

Next to the entire concert the DVD contains also a short, around 6 minutes long, interview with DeYoung in which he talks about the joy of making music in the old days and the value of creative work. It's a nice add-on, but I think that there could have been done a bit more when it comes to the extra's. The show was quite unique and some more sequences of the fans or a glimpse behind the scenes would have been excellent.

But however. The concert was special, the songs are classics and sound couldn't be better. All in all something to recommend, esp. if you're not that familiar with Styx.





  1. Grand illusion
  2. Lady
  3. Lorelei
  4. Blue collar man
  5. Show me the way
  6. Mr. Roboto
  7. Crystal ball
  8. Don't let it end
  9. Too much time on my hands
  10. Rockin' in paradise
  11. Desert moon
  12. Babe
  13. Foolin' yourself
  14. Suite madame blue
  15. Best of time
  16. Renegade
  17. Come sail away


Label: Frontiers Records

Genre: Rock

CD/DVD review DENNIS DEYOUNG "..and the music of STYX in Los Angeles"