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BEHEMOTH on tour in Europe with BÖLZER

Veröffentlicht am 18. Oktober 2014 von Markus W. in Behemoth, Bölzer, Tour, News, Thrash Metal, Death Metal, Black Metal

Polish Black/Death Metal institution BEHEMOTH has announced their second European tour for their current release “The Satanist”. The band will hit the road for 15 shows in Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Greece, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and in Czech Republic.

Singer/Guitarist Nergal comments: "We are already eagerly awaiting our Second Coming to European shore in Spring 2015! We are teaming up for this run with one of the most exciting extreme metal acts - Bolzer. A two week trek will cover places and countries we never managed to cover with the first leg of the tour. Expect the best! We've never been in a better shape and we're gonna prove that once again!"

BEHEMOTH on tour in Europe with BÖLZER