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DVD review DREAM THEATER "Breaking the four walls

Veröffentlicht am 26. September 2014 von Markus W. in Dream Theater, Prog Rock, Heavy Metal, News, DVD review, CD Review

(8/10) I have the feeling that the prog masterminds from Long Island are also the record holder for having the most live releases in their career. "Breaking the four walls" is the newest one from Dream Theater. I have stopped counting, but I was surprised when I got the new recording on my desk. It was in 2013 when the band published "Live at Luna Park" and already 12 month later there is a new one out.

Fortunately the setlist and a few more things in Boston differed quote a lot from the 2013 live recording. Of course there are some overlaps like "Breaking all illusions" and "On the backs of an angel", but their is still a reason for this DVD.

I mentioned already that it was the show in Boston that was recorded for the DVD. It took place in the Boston Opera House in March this year. That means that the location was already quite special. In addition Dream Theater have been supported by the ochestra and the choir of the Berklee Collage of Music. This connection goes already far back in time since John Myung as well as John Petrucci have been students there and drummer Mike Magini is lecturer at the college. That means that the cooperation was more a kind of 'welcome home' feeling for most of the participants.

So in the end there are much more reasons for releasing the DVD than just a different setlist from the Luna Park show. It was a unique night which is documented on "Breaking the walls".

The highlights are for sure the moments when the band gets the contribution from the choir and the orchestra. Those are the moments the very exciting moments.

I can't say at this stage if the DVD comes with additional bonus material. I hope it is included, since otherwise the incentive to buy would be limited.

But besides that we have another good DVD from Dream Theater that documents a concert. which was unique. So the product itself has absolutely its moments that are special. Depending how many Dream Theater live DVD's you call your own it is up to you to deside if you need another one. 





  1. False awakening suite
  2. The enemy inside
  3. The shattered fortress
  4. On the backs of angels
  5. The looking glass
  6. Trial for tears
  7. Enigma machine
  8. Along for a ride
  9. Breaking all illusions
  10. The mirror
  11. Lie
  12. Lifiting shadows of a dream
  13. Scarred
  14. Space-dye vest
  15. Illumination theory
  16. Overture 1928
  17. Strange deja-vu
  18. The dance of eternity
  19. Finally free


Label: Roadrunner Records

Genre: Prog Metal


DVD review DREAM THEATER "Breaking the four walls