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CD review TNT "30th anniversary 1982-2012 - Live in concert"

Veröffentlicht am 28. September 2014 von Markus W. in TNT, Hardrock, Rock, Sleaze Rock, CD Review, News

(7/10) Norwegian hardrockers TNT are looking back on a long history. It was already in 1982 when the band released their self-titled debut. From that moment one the band went on a career with some ups and downs - but they never gave up. They survived the grunge period in the 90's as well as the new metal period in the beginning of the new century.

In 2012 TNT celebrated their 30st anniversary. The guys from Trondheim, Norway played a unique show in their hometown together with the Trondheim Symphony Orchestra. 

Beside the orchestral support it was the performance of founding members Ronni Le Tekro and Diesel Dahl that made the night very special. Additionally to the two founding musicians also Victor Borge and Tony Mills had their moments on the album. To complete the list Dee Snider from Twisted Sisters and Hank von Helvete (Turbonegro) had guest appearances too.

All this togther made this night in June 2012 so special. The setlist instead isn't a big surprise. TNT performed tunes that cover their entire career, incl. my peronal fave "10.000 lovers (in one)" and "Everyone's a star" from the 1987 album "Tell no tales". That's what we expected and wanted. Good choice.

A bit of a downer is the sound. It is OK but it's also a bit blurry. It becomes better along the way, but esp. in the beginning it could be more diversified. 

This is my reflection on the CD. The show will be also released as DVD/BluRay. Since I haven't seen the material I can't say anything to the visual part of the show. However, the DVD version includes also an additional documentary as an add-on.

It's good to see that a band like TNT is still around after in the meantime 32 years. An album for fans and newcomers.





  1. Fanfare for the common man
  2. Invisible noise
  3. Substitute
  4. Refugee
  5. As far as the eye can see
  6. Downhill racer
  7. Intuition
  8. Nothern lights
  9. Tekrø solo
  10. Magica lanterna
  11. Sabre dance
  12. Harley Davidson
  13. USA
  14. Eddie
  15. June
  16. My religion
  17. Everyone's a star
  18. 10.000 lovers (in one)
  19. Seven seas


Label: Indie Recordings

Genre: Hardrock

CD review TNT "30th anniversary 1982-2012 - Live in concert"