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CD review THE SCINTILLA PROJECT "The hybrid"

Veröffentlicht am 4. September 2014 von Markus W. in The Scintilla Project, Saxon, Hell, Balance Of Power, CD Review, News, Heavy Metal, Prog Metal

(8/10) Since decades we know Biff Byford as charismatic frontman and singer from the NWoBHM legend Saxon. Interesting enough the Byford did a sidestep from the  mighty metal band. According to the motto 'a rolling stone doesn't gather moss' Byford started a project called The Scintilla Project.

By doing this he replaced 'denim and leather' by 'monsters and aliens'. How come? The entire storyline is based on the science fiction movie "Scintilla". It is a thriller about a team of mercenaries with a mission to secure specimens of genetically engineerd human and alien hybrids. All this on the territory of the former Soviet Union.

Byford was inspired by the movie and decided to start this project. He hooked up with three more guys; Lionel Hicks, Anthony Ritchie (Balance Of Power) und Andy Sneap (Hell, Sabbat), and they all together started to write the tracks for  "The hybrid".

"The hybrid" is actually more a monlith with crispy sharp riffs and a punching rhythm that characterizes all the songs; maybe except the ballad. The nine songs long album stands like a rock; showing Byford and his distinctive voice in a new light. While Saxon is more straight-forward heavy metal, The Scintilla Project has a quite obvious prog touch as well.

The tunes reflect the theatrically context pretty well and without having seen the movie I could imagine that both goes together pretty well.

Stylewise the album switches between more prog related songs refelcted by e.g. "Permanence", Avanatsia-like rock opera tracks ("Angels") and the balladic "Some nightmare". The final tune on the album is "No rest for the wicked" which is a Saxon track from the "Call to arms" album.

"The hybrid" is a brave step from experienced guys that want to try out (a kind of) new things. The experiment was a successful one. The Scintilla Project released a gorgeous album which is highly entertaining from the beginning to the end. Maybe we can hope for more, eventhough it is 'just' a project.






  1. Scintilla (One black heart)
  2. Beware the children
  3. Permanence
  4. Some nightmare
  5. Angels
  6. Pariah
  7. The damned and the divine
  8. Life in vain
  9. No rest for the wicked


Label: UDR

Genre: Prog Metal

CD review THE SCINTILLA PROJECT "The hybrid"