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CD review THE PINEAPPLE THIEF "Magnolia"

Veröffentlicht am 15. September 2014 von Markus W. in The Pineapple Thief, Prog Rock, Rock, News, CD Review, Wisdom Of Crowds, Alternative Rock

(8/10) Time for prog rock again on MHMB. The Pineapple Thief has added a new album to their discography. It's entitled "Magnolia" and it is the tenth stroke of genius from British band.

Bruce Soord, the mainman behind the band with the unusual name, was already active in many bands since the beginning of the 80's. It was in the old century, in 1999, when The Pineapple Thief became real. Soord wanted to create music that reflected directly his ideas from sound and songs. 

The guitarist has the gift to combine complex songs with big melodies and emotions. The range of the tunes is pretty wide, which gives the album a constant excitment. There is the rocking opener "Simple as that" where you could say 'nomen et omen', since the song relatively simple and to the point. Than there are the heart touching and soulful moments like e.g. "Don't tell me" and "A loneliness". Those tunes live from the atmopshere they spread. If the word 'ballad' needs to be filled with a positive meaning, those songs could be the content.

A need for heavy guitars after the silent parts? No problem. The short "Breathe" starts with a quite heavy riff, before the relaxed verse takes over. But in the chorus the powerful guitar comes back. It's a nice interplay between silent and loud in those almost three minutes. A similar pattern characterizes "Sense of fear".

The last track on the album "Bond" is a silent starting one which build up along the way. The song reminds from the melody line and the phrasing of the vocals a bit of Sting. The horn section that is part of the song is the cherry on the cake.

It goes without saying the sound of "Magnolia" is a perfect one. Recorded in the Strongroom Studios in London, the depth and warmth of the production is exactly what the tunes need.

I like the album a lot. Mainly due to the reason that Soord has the capability to make complex songs diguistable. The twelve songs can be also loved by non-musicians. An album for a Sunday afternoon.





  1. Simple as that
  2. Alone at sea
  3. Don't tell me
  4. Magnolia
  5. Season's past
  6. Coming home
  7. The one you left to die
  8. Breathe
  9. From me
  10. Sense of fear
  11. A loneliness
  12. Bond


Label: Kscope

Genre: Prog Rock

CD review THE PINEAPPLE THIEF "Magnolia"