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Veröffentlicht am 2. September 2014 von Markus W. in The Order Of Israfel, Doomdogs, Church Of Misery, Doom Metal, Heavy Metal, Classic Rock, News, CD Review

(7/10) It is the former guitarist from Church Of Misery Tom Sutton and Patrik Andersson from Doomdogs who initiated The Order Of Israfel. The band stands for doom metal with also some clear cross references to classic rock. The mixture isn't the newst kid in town but still inspiring enough to listen to.

In the case of The Order Of Israfel we are talking about nine songs which the band put on their first Napalm Records release "Wisdom".

The first thing that is remarkable is 10 minutes long epical opener - the title track "Wisdom". This is a brave decision. Maybe 2-3 shorter songs would have been better in order to give a bit of an overview of what to expect. But since the opener is an interesting epos it still gives a good start into the album. "Wisdom" begins with some acoustic guitar sequences before the track develops in a real heavy doom metal tune with a typical Black Sabbath riff. Some breaks and the interplay of silent and loud parts make the song exciting from beginning till end. Similar structure, but less good as the opener is the 15 minutes long "Promises made to the earth". The track is for me too long and has a boring middle part in which the riff is celebrated far too long. 

I prefer the songs which are a bit faster. "The black wings a demon" is a good representative for these tunes. Another example is the simple and just 1,5 minutes long "The order". Cool tracks, great riffing and right to the point. 

If the spoken word track "The vow" was needed I doubt. But it's a good intro to the bouncer "Morning sun (Santanas)" and with a total running time of 65 minutes the album is anyhow long enough to handle such a gimmick

"Wisdom" became a good album with some great moments. Since there are also some weaker parts on the record I wasn't totally infected by real excitement. But the album is still worth to give a try.





  1. Wisdom
  2. The black wings a demon
  3. The noctuus
  4. The earth will deliver what
  5. The order
  6. Born for war
  7. Promises made to the earth
  8. The vow
  9. Morning sun (Satanas)


Label: Napalm Records

Genre: Doom Metal