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CD review STALLION "Rise and ride"

Veröffentlicht am 1. September 2014 von Markus W. in Stallion, Heavy Metal, Accept, Running Wild, CD Review, News, Speed Metal

(7/10) I have to admit that I haven't heard from Stallion before. On the one hand not a big surprise since the guys released so far just a demo and an EP called "Mounting the world".

The debut of the band will get into the stores mid september this year. The name? "Rise and ride". When I have seen the cover I wasn't sure what I had to expect, but it was honestly not a lot what I thought I will get to hear. 

But than the first riff came out of the speaker and it was a very postive surprise. It was oldschool heavy metal with vocals from Pauly that felt like a time warp. All of a sudden tight spandex trousers, denim and leather became present again. Not to forget the studded belt.

The songs of Stallion show that they adore bands like Accept ("Bill to pay"), Judas Priest ("Wooden horse") and Running Wild ("Rise and ride"). There are also moments when I had to think about the US metal of Liege Lord as well. Gritty guitars, pounding drums and a pushing bass is chasing you through 43 minutes of heavy metal.

From a songwriting there is nothing to criticise. All songs are well crafted and performed in a good way. Also the sound of "Rise and ride" fits.

Stallion lives the cliche from all perspectives: music, lyrics and image. All this woth the topping of the unbounded energy of the youth. 

"Rise and ride" is wild, furious and a punch in the face. Retro metal can't be played and performed much better.





  1. Rise and ride
  2. Wild stallions
  3. Streets of sin
  4. Stigmatized
  5. Canadian steel
  6. Bill to pay
  7. Waych out
  8. The right one
  9. The devil never sleeps
  10. Wooden horse


Label: High Roller Records

Genre: Heavy Metal

CD review STALLION "Rise and ride"