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CD review MR. BIG "...the stories we could tell"

Veröffentlicht am 20. September 2014 von Markus W. in Mr. Big, Winery Dogs, Hardrock, Rock, Blues, CD Review, News, Whitesnake

(8/10) If you don't know at least one of the following names you maybe entered the wrong side. The names are Sheehan, Gilbert, Martin and Torpey. But even if those names aren't familiar to you it's Mr. Big that might sounds a bit more familiar. The four gentlemen perform together under this header for many year (you can see how I want to avoid the word 'supergroup'). They are all experts on their instruments and combined forces and strength already in the end of the eighties, when their debut was released.

It was esp. their second album  "Lean into it" which contained songs like "Green-tinted sixties mind" and the alltime hit "To be with you". In my point of view not even the best song on the album, but the most successful one.

Mr.Big was also present during the 90's, but it got a bit more silent around the  band during the grunge-phase. After the Mr. Big disbanded in 2001 they found together many years later and released with "What if..." another sign of life. Now, three years later, the next milestone of the band will be released. It is entitled "..the stories we could tell" and I can report that the 13 stories they are telling are great ones.

The first story is already a success-story. The bluesy "Gotta love the ride", the guitars remind a bit to "Hit and run" from Whitesnake, is a great start into the album. It shows, as all the other songs too, how complexity and virtuality can be combined with catchiness. It needs experienced guys for such an operation and Mr. Big has those.

The moving ballad "The man who has everything" is a great song too. Not that it can reach "To be with you", but it is still a great one. And maybe it is a good thing that it differs from their mega hit. The vocals of Martin are shining in this song very much which shows what a great singer he is. The same goes for the second more silent tune on the album called "Just let your heart decide". 

But there are enough moment when the furious guitar of Gilbert gets into focus like on "I forget to breathe", "The monster in me" (in which the guitar alsmost 'speaks to you') and "It's always about that girl". Cool rock songs with a energetic punch and catchy hooks. The album shows that music for a broader audience doesn't need to be simple mainstream.

My peronal highlight on the album is the rocking "Satisfied" which works from the very first moment on. A cool track with an extensive guitar solo part that is great.  

"..the stories we could tell" proves that Mr. Big are still one of the top bands in this genre and I hope that they can tell a lot more stories in the coming years.





  1. Gotta love the ride
  2. O forget to breathe
  3. Fragile
  4. Satsified
  5. The man who has ever
  6. The monster in me
  7. What if we were new
  8. Eastwest
  9. The light of day
  10. Just let your heart decide
  11. It's always about that girl
  12. Cinderella smile
  13. The stroies we could tell


Label: Frontiers Records

Genre: Hardrock


CD review MR. BIG "...the stories we could tell"