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CD review MALPRACTICE "Turning tides"

Veröffentlicht am 11. September 2014 von Markus W. in Malpractice, Prog Metal, Prog Rock, Heavy Metal, Rock, News, CD Review, Megadeth, Dream Theater, Queensryche

(8/10) Progressive metal from Finland - this is what you get from Malpractice. Eventhough the band isn't that very well known they are in business already since many years. The Kouvola, Finland based five-piece band started already in 1994 and released their debut called "Of shape and balance" also in the old millenium - in 1999 to be precies.

Malpractice has in total three full length records published which isn't that much over all those years. The biggest gap of releases was actually in the nearer past. It took 6 years to release a successor of the 2008 album "Triangular". "Turning tides" is the name of the newest output and will be at your record dealer mid September.

What I like with the music is that Malpractice plays a bit more guitar oriented. The opener for example reminds with the spoken words part of Queensryche while "State within a state" has some parallels with Megadeth. But the Finish guys don't copy, they include their inspiration in their own sound. This makes the album exciting and a cool listening experience.

Two more highlights. One is the furious instrumental "Symphony of urban discomfort". A perefct name since this is what you feel while listening to the song. The way the track is build reminded my to Dream Theater. Wild and furious but not unsteered.

The other one is the epical long "Turning tides" - the title track. Also here some cross references to the New York based prog masters cannot be dimissed. The tune playes with silent parts, melodic element and heavy riffs. All this in a way that there is a constant flow through the tune without creating boredom.

I haven't really had Malpractice on my list, but this changed after I have heard "Turning tides". An album for fans from Dream Theater, Queensryche and Megadeth. 





  1. Best kept secret
  2. Weight of the world
  3. Irony tower
  4. State within a state
  5. Turning tides
  6. Symphony of urban discomfort
  7. Out


Label: Sensory Records

Genre: Prog Metal

CD review MALPRACTICE "Turning tides"