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CD review JADED HEART "Fight the system"

Veröffentlicht am 27. September 2014 von Markus W. in Jaded Heart, Hardrock, Rock, Heavy Metal, CD Review, News

(8/10) Ups. What happened to the German/Swedish cooperation called Jaded Heart. It feels like the band went through a rejuvenation. What the band delivers on their 12th strike is an energetic achievement that I haven't expected from the guys. The album is a move from melody to riff. Of course we are still talking about melodic metal, but the guitars got much more to the front.

The opener "Schizophrenic" is already a heavy beast - with prog element. I was wondering if Geoff Tate had a guest apperance in the song. The track shows parallels to Queensryche in the "Rage for order" phase. I wonder if Jaded Hearts support show for Queensryche almost a year ago made such an impact. Probabaly not, but however, the track is great.

The second song has some guest vocals. Rick Altzi, better known from At Vance and Masterplan, contributed to the powerful rock song. Surprising that the track comes already at the second position.

To complete the variety of songs from Jaded Heart the slower "I lost my faith" comes next. It's a pretty dark song for Jaded Heart and not my real fave. But it shows what kind of range the band can cover.

"Never free" captivates by its hooklines while "Till death do us part" is another fast smasher that includes a big melody. "Haunted" represents a step back into history to a time when Victory had their best period.

The bouncer "In the shadows" has some Dokken moments (from a time when Dokken was really good). The tune is very riff oriented and attracts by the pumping rhythm line. A good choice to finalize an energetic rock record.

"Fight the system" became a mature hardrock album with an enormous punch. If Jaded Heart will continue with albums like this we will have a lot more years of pleasure with their songs.





  1. Schizophrenic
  2. Control (feat. Rick Altzi)
  3. Not in a million years
  4. I lost my faith
  5. Nightmare's over
  6. Never free
  7. Till death do us part
  8. Terror in me
  9. Haunted
  10. Crying
  11. In the shadows


Label: Fastball Music

Genre: Hardrock

CD review JADED HEART "Fight the system"